80’s Movies I Love

I’ve had a lot of down time in the last few months, as many of you know.  This has led me to watch a lot of tv, which has included a lot of movies.  The other day I watched Vision Quest, a film I hadn’t seen in a long long time.  I like it, in a sort of cheesy way.  Because really, who couldn’t like a character name like Loudon Swain.  Classic.  The viewing of this particular film got me thinking about other 80’s movies I really like.  It was a big time for me… graduated from high school in ’83 and from college in ’88.

The following are a collection of twenty something films from the 80’s I’m a fan of.  I didn’t include too many super well known films, including some of my favorites, but that’s because those are on every list.  These are, some of them, a little lesser known.  Others you will know right away, but either way… I love these films.  Nothing like spending an afternoon watching one of these.   Some may be a tad cheesy, but then that’s part of their appeal.  Enjoy….

Vision Quest

Running Man


Eddie And The Cruisers

Purple Rain

Working Girl


An American Werewolf in London

On Golden Pond

Black Widow

Some Kind of Wonderful

The Sender

The Lost Boys

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure


Dream a Little Dream


Road House

Blue Velvet


Henry V

Mystic Pizza

Blade Runner

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3 thoughts on “80’s Movies I Love

  1. I remember watching some of these movies with you! The two I really remember are Eddie and Cruisers and Purple Rain. Two of my faves from those days. Brings back good memories. 🙂 Been thinking and praying for you my friend. Kris

  2. I, too, remember seeing some of those with you… Drive-In memories??? My goodness.

    Hope you’re doing well. I know we’re waiting for some results… All good things wished your way!! Love you!

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