Sunday… After Blood

Here we are, my sweetie and I (and the pups), hanging at the house today.  Karen woke up at 5:30 and couldn’t go back to sleep (still on England time I think), so she got up.  Luckily we went to bed so early and she went to sleep pretty early so she actually got enough sleep.  It’s seemed like a long day, especially for her, so it’s been really nice.

Yesterday we spent several hours at the infusion center while I got a transfusion.  At least there was a TV in the room, plus we got to talk to each other, in person.  So nice. The only faux pas of the day happened just as we were leaving.  She was pushing me out in the wheel chair when I asked her to look at my neck, which felt hot and itchy.  She did and then we got the nurse and he said… looks like hives, back to your room for you.  They put in another IV and gave me some IV Benadryl and then had us stay for another hour or so to watch me to make sure I didn’t have any other issues and that the hives went away.  They did.  We all didn’t know if it was a reaction to one of the bags of blood, or if it was unrelated, but it was better to be safe than sorry.

We got home last night and at one point a bat started flying around in the family room.  Kev opened up the door and eventually it flew outside.  We have no clue how it got in.  Must have come in through a door at some point, though we don’t make it a habit of leaving the doors open at night very much.  I personally think it just sensed that there was another blood sucker in the house and it wanted to commune with it’s peeps.

So, back to today… mellow.  Nice.

I have a blood draw tomorrow.  Hopefully the numbers start coming up.  It will be day 19 of my cycle, so there you have it.  We’ll see what’s up.  I do feel a little stronger today after getting the blood yesterday.  That part is nice.  I left the infusion center saying I hopefully wouldn’t be back.  They said… well, the last chemo treatment is usually the hardest on the numbers and the body, so you may be back.  I say… one day at a time.

For now my honey is making dinner, Weston is sitting next to me on the sofa chewing on a bully, the little girlie is in the kitchen with Karen, and I’m watching the Next Iron Chef.  I’m so addicted to these competition cooking shows.  Who knew…

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  1. Glad you’re honey is home safe and sound. I’m sure you missed her alot. Sucks that you had to get a transfusion again, but I like you’re attitude. One day at a time. Love you!

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