Neutropenic… Again

Just got the news from today’s blood test.  I am, once again, neutropenic.  Numbers are low.  They are hoping they don’t stay low for long, given that I’m on the neupogen.  Here’s crossing our fingers, toes, and whatever else you can cross, that I don’t get another neutropenic fever.  I haven’t had a fever at all so far this time around.  I’m checking, as I’m supposed to, several times a day.  It’s day 9 of my cycle.  Usually my nadir is around day 16, nadir being the lowest point.  I got the fever last time on day 12.  Come on Neupogen, do your duty!!

Otherwise I’m a tad tired, but doing OK.  My red counts are all down slightly, but not enough to really matter.  I’m still way far away from having to have a transfusion or to have platelets.  That’s all good.

Had a great visit from Stan and Stacia today.  They were here for a bit.  Always nice to see them.  I’m feeling tired now, sorry Jimmy for putting your visit off.  Getting the number news sort of zapped it out of me.

One day at a time folks… so far today is OK.  Cheers all….

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4 thoughts on “Neutropenic… Again

  1. UP numbers, UP…UP… Hope you’re doing ok. I’m sure this is very hard for you, and I’m sure you’re missing your sweetie… Just a few more days… Deep breaths.. Cross your fingers…Keep the chant, “just a little while longer”… You can do this…

    I love you and think about you all the time…

  2. Hope you are doing Ok since you haven’t posted for a few days. I just finished the mitoxantrone and feel like I have been run over by a truck- or at least what I imagine being run over by a truck might feel like! Now just to wait and see how my numbers go, hopefully not too low. Hang in there, I think of you often. Melissa

    1. Melissa…. That Mitoxantrone is a bummer. I had five days of it so I get what you’re saying. My neutrophils dropped to .010. I think that’s why I ended up with a neutropenic fever. Hopefully, since you only had three days, it will not be so bad for you. I’m hoping not. I’ll be sending you good vibes and wishes for a speedy recovery from this round. I think about you too and am always hoping you are doing well.

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