4 Down

Had a kind of hard day today.  Just not feeling well.  It’s day 7 of my cycle.  I made the mistake of getting up and taking a bath, and then shower to rinse off, right away.  I should know better.  I need sustenance before I do anything when I’m going through this.  No energy before food.  So by the time I was out of the shower I had to lay down immediately so I didn’t throw up or pass out.  Not fun.  I managed to get through that, but it has informed my entire day.  Nauseated on and off all day.  I’ll get through it.

In other nice news though… Karen booked her return flight.  She is coming home on Friday, October 1, at 1:15.  I miss her terribly so knowing that she will be home in 9 days is the best gift I could get… even though she sent me another birthday present today.  First she gets me a wonderful new watch that I can set two times on so that I will always know what time it is in England while she’s there (she’s a great gift giver!), and then today I get a Kindle.  Yep… she got me a Kindle.  So cool.  I’ve talked about getting one, for traveling mostly, and so she got me one.  It won’t always replace books, which I love, but it will definitely be cool to have.  I love that woman of mine.  She’s the best… and I mean that.  I don’t say it lightly.  She knows me, and loves me for me.  What more can you want in a split apart?

Otherwise… Mom gave me my fourth shot today.  I have to move them around and so this time it was in the arm.  I can’t really reach to do it properly myself in that spot so Mom volunteered.  I told her I would do it in my leg again, but she wanted to help out.  So there it is.  4 down… 4 to go.

Now… time to watch Bravo’s Top Chef Just Desserts.  I’m addicted.


  1. Hope you feel better soon! Aren’t you glad to have your last round of chemo finished? Do you have to take ATRA or anything for maintenance? I had my first consolidation round the end of August. My WBC went down to 1.6, but I did not get sick or anything. Everything went very well overall. Now I am getting mitoxantone. Initially it was three doses but I did some research and found that three doses has been found to be just as effective but much less toxic. Showed my findings to my doctor and he agreed that I could get only three rounds. I am hoping I don’t get sick from it, have to get it starting Monday. Then I have to get one dose of idarubicin the end of October. After that I am supposed to take atra for 15 days on/15 days off for one year.

    Having a graduation party this weekend for my youngest daughter, we did not have it over the summer since I was not feeling 100%. Glad we waited as the weather is much better now. I am thinking about you and hoping you are doing well!

    Melissa (fellow APL survivor!)

  2. That should have said initially I was supposed to get five doses of mitoxantrone and now it is changed to three. My fingers go faster than my brain~

  3. I’m getting through it. I had five doses of Mitaxantrone…. put my neutrophils down to .01. Ended up getting a neutropenic fever and going into the hospital. Never did get one the first time around, and am on Neupogen this time (after having two doses of idarubicin for my last consolidation round). They did lower my dosage of idarubicin, and of ATRA, as I have lost 40 pounds and it’s all based on a formula for weight and height. I’m getting through this time around OK. Moments of queasiness and nausea, some burning in the throat and acid in the stomach, which I’ve had each round.

    As for the maintenance…. I go in for my next cycle appointment with my oncologist on October 15. I will be on three different meds. ATRA is one of them. The regimen I’m on is the Pathema (sp?) regimen. I will also be taking something else (have it written down, but can’t remember right now off the top of my head) for what I think is three months. The ATRA I believe I take 15 days every three months. Then there’s a shot I have to have every week for a couple of years. Maintenance is for two years. I’ll let you know for sure after the meeting I have on the 15th.

    Hope the party goes well… I bet it will! Take care and keep feeling good! Stay in touch…

  4. I met with a leukemia specialist at Ohio State along with my regular oncologist who is also a blood specialist, and from what I can gather I am getting a cross of the Pethema regimen and the LPA2005 protocol. If you really want to learn a lot about apl (and maybe you have already found this) read Blood Journal online. Here is an article I found about reduced doses of mitoxantrone:


    Sorry to hear your WBC is so low again. Do you take any herbs? Elderberry, hibiscus, zinc, and pomegranate are all great for the immune system. Since I was home for the second round and was able to take all of the supplements my counts were much higher. I am a big believer in natural remedies.

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