Haven’t Posted In A FEW… My Apolgies

Hey gang…  here I am, posting again.  Got some good news today… the numbers are up.  I’m still neutropenic, but now I’m in the moderate category instead of critical.  That’s a good thing.  I’m happy.  Means that a couple of little things that have not been healing, one of them being a nasty mouth sore, will now start to heal.  Yay.  Maybe I’ll be able to eat something besides cream of wheat, soup, and fake mashed potatoes with cottage cheese.  LOL  That would be nice.  Pizza?  A burger?  Uh… some pasta with chicken.  All sounds great to me.

More news from the oncology caseworker as well.  My next pushes (there are two) will be done outpatient and not in the hospital.  They finally have this available at the chemotherapy center at Interstate.  So… next week, if my numbers come up enough… it’s the last consolidation round.  One push on Thursday, after my appointment with Dr. Bigler, and the second on Friday.  Yes, Friday.  It’s my birthday, but hey… let’s get this over with is what I say.  Nancy also set up my next cycle appointment with Dr. Bigler for October 15 (this will be the maintenance cycle, which lasts two years).  I have two different kinds of pills on different schedules from each other (one of them is ATRA so I know that one) and a weekly shot.  I’m scheduled to get that shot on the 15th after my appointment with Dr. Bigler.  It’s an intramuscular.  We’re not sure, but it looks like I might have to have that every week for a two years.  We’re hoping they can teach us how to do it.  Otherwise… travel is going to be an issue.  And as you all know… we like to travel.  We even have travel plans.  So… let’s all hope Karen and I can learn how to do this.  We will find out at the meeting on the 15th with Dr. Bigler.

Much love to everyone out there who has been so supportive of us during this.  I am blessed to know you all and have the love of amazing people like yourselves.  I feel it every day.  This has been and continues to be an emotional roller coaster and knowing that I have such an amazing group out there sending me vibes and love and prayers… well… it means everything.

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