Tired, But Plugging Along

Saturday and another day watching the US Open. Currently my most recent round of antibiotics (every six hours like clock work) is pumping into my vein. I’m blogging one handed on my iPhone with the WordPress App.

Mom is down getting some lunch for herself. I just ordered mine…. Chicken noodle soup, crackers, and some orange sherbet. My mouth is very sore. Makes it hard to eat. I’ve managed to get something down every meal, but I can guarantee there will be more weight loss after this visit.

Took a shower today. Took a lot out of me and I felt exhausted and nauseas for a while after. It’s what happens when the red blood counts get low. They aren’t quite low enough to transfuse me, but the are low. I have that pale look again too. Ah well… We know this will pass. Time for everyone to do the chant for rising counts. I’m in the nadir. The low point. The only thing that went up was my platelet number…. From 47 to 53. A good sign of things possibly wanting to trend up? We don’t know. The hematocrit number went down again from 27 to 25 point something.

Talked to my honey… I love that woman!

For now I’m going to eat my soup. 🙂

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