Back In

Well folks…. I’m back in. Spiked a fever and had to come in for antibiotics. My counts are very low… So the plan… I have to be here until my counts reach a certain level. Until then I’m here, on antibiotics every six hours…. And constant saline. We are hoping not too long, but it’s all number dependent… So we’re rolling with it. Mom’s been fantastic!

My sweetie made it safe and sound to Lancaster…. No real travel hiccups. I’m so glad. I love that woman!


  1. Not good to be in the hospital, but good that you are in a place where the doctors can take care of you. Try to rest, I know that is hard in those places and get better soon. I will be thinking of you and praying for you.

    I had my blood work today and everything was good, wbc was just slightly low and my doctor figures it will start going up this week.

  2. Sucks that you’re back in the hospital, but glad you’re being taken care of. Keep your chin up, kiddo.. This will be but just a blip when you look back on your life when we’re in our 80s!! Of course, you will always be older than me!

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