Doctor’s Appointment… Check

Met with Dr. Bigler today. All went well and we are a go for the next round. We go into the hospital tomorrow at 8:00 and start the first of five rounds of the next chemo med. The doc said it’s simmer to idarubicin with the only exceptions being that it’s blue and it could cause a little more nausea during the days it’s given than the idarubicin did…. Or not. I guess we shall see. The sox did ask If I wanted to wait a couple extra days before going in so my numbers would be up even more, but I said no, let’s get this show moving along. Karen is only going to be home for six days after I get out as it is and I didn’t want to cut that at home time any shorter than it’s already going to be.

So tomorrow we are back in for round three.

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