Sunday at Home

It’s another scorcher out there today, so we are in.  Had breakfast, then lunch, took showers, and now we are both surfing the net on our laptops while watching King Arthur.  It’s slow.  We may have to put in the Netflix movie we still haven’t watched.  I got on the treadmill this morning.  Karen just got done on it.  I walk. She runs.  Since I can’t go out of the house right now, the treadmill has been great.  At least I get up and walk a bit.  20 minutes in the morning, 20 more in the evening.  It’s great for Karen as well these last couple of days since the shop is way too hot to go out and work out on the equipment in there.

The dogs are spending most of these hot days sleeping where the fan can blow on them.  Weston is a bit restless, but then finds another spot to lay down and he takes another little nap.  Riley is asleep on top of one of the cushions of the sectional right by Karen.

Laundry is in and later we have ribs, left over from last night’s dinner, that Karen made.  So good.  The highlights of my days are finding a good movie on TV and what we have for dinner.  LOL

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2 thoughts on “Sunday at Home

  1. Tam, The highlight of my day was meeting Marta Mia, the new bunny rabbit that Granddaughter Kaelen (who is turning 9 tomorrow) got for her birthday. We’re not quite done with constructing the cage for Marta Mia but she seems as happy as a bunny should be in it anyway. The name Marta Mia comes from two famous soccer players, the first from Brazil and the second from the US. What can I say, the girls are into soccer! So good to read your daily blog and know that you are indeed enjoying each and every day.

  2. Joan… Love the name of the rabbit! We have a couple of rabbits here as well, though they are wild and not tame. Weston has chased them a couple of times, but luckily they were faster than he is. I can’t believe Kaelen is 9. Wow.

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