Tuesday… Blood results were as expected, I guess.  White blood cells and neutrophils are low, though I wasn’t in the neutropenic range yet.  We don’t know if they are still falling or going up, so we are acting as if I am neutropenic as they weren’t that low, but they were close enough.  My red blood cells are still in the normal range so I’m not needing a transfusion.  Hopefully I won’t need one.  I really don’t want to have to get the IV if I don’t have to.  I’m feeling a tad tired, but not really that bad, which is good.   The truth of the numbers will be told by the blood draw on Thursday.  We will at least know if the numbers are still doing down or coming up.  It will be good to know.

Karen has been and is still swamped with work.  So busy.  Loads going on, problems she’s needing to solve, etc.  At least she got some sleep last night.  Makes it easier for her to deal with all that’s going on.  She’s loving the weather right now… working outside on the back deck under the umbrella at our little table.  Her laptop fits and she’s got the phone with headset.  The dogs are both out there with her, laying on a blanket in the shade.  Rough life for the little dude and dudettie (one of Karen’s nicknames for Riley… there are a million of them, all cute).

Thanks everyone for following along, for sending those great vibes, thoughts, prayers, etc.  I know I keep saying this, but I feel them and they matter to me.  This journey has been a bit isolating (out of necessity) and getting notes and comments and such from all of you lets me know, and keep knowing, that I have such a big group of people out there who love and care for both Karen and I.  It matters to me and to us more than we can say.

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