Saturday And The Livin’ Is… Slightly Queasy

So here we are, day 8 from the first day of this last chemo round.  All in all I’m not feeling too bad.  Woke up well, but have felt a tad queasy since lunch.  Took the temp and it’s all good, no temperature, and that’s the biggie.

Karen ended up having to work today for awhile.  Got a call from her boss asking her if she and some of her team could rectify a huge issue in another department.  Not even Karen’s department, but they fixed the problem.  Once again, she steps in and gets it done.  That’s my girl.  Pretty amazing.

Right now she and pups are on their way to the vet to get some more heart worm med for the dogs.  They went along to get a little adventure.  She’s going to score a chai while she’s gone.  She deserves one.  As for me, I’m sitting here drinking green tea and watching HGTV.  It’s not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon.  🙂  Later, a much needed bath….  LOL  I’m finally done sweating out the poison.  Not longer the toxic avenger this time around.  Sheets washed, Weston can once again sleep with his mamma, and Karen can once again, sleep in the same room as me with the dogs. Back on her air mattress.  Yes, she’s been sleeping on an air mattress on the floor next to the bed since I came home on July 1.  Safer for her when I’m sweating it all out, better rest right now for both of us.  It’s not ideal, at all, but it works.  She is so amazing.  That girl knows how to love and take care of me.

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