Sprung…. Day Four

Karen and I got sprung from the hospital today, not long after my last push was completed.  We just got a call from Nancy letting us know what my blood counts were from yesterdays draw.  They only drew me once while we were there and those numbers are stable and still up.  Nancy told us we could skip the draw this Thursday and wait until Monday to start the whole bi-weekly blood draw that I will still be on.  Mondays and Thursdays, like clockwork.  Nice to have a bit of time off though.

So between now and August 20, when I have my next appointment with Dr. Bigler and then possible entry into the hospital again for round three on August 21, we just watch the numbers, see what happens, take precautions again for neutropenia, and see if I have to go in for any transfusions or saline drips.  The biggie is fever, so let’s all hope that doesn’t happen.  If it does I have to go back into the hospital for IV antibiotics.  We were told, and are hoping it’s true, that this time around will be easier on me.  Each round is supposed to be a bit better, let’s keep our fingers crossed.  I know I will feel fatigued and run down again, and I will probably lose even more of my hair (who really cares about that, I’m lookin’ good bald!  LOL), and I may be occasionally nauseas or get a bit of diahrrea.  As long as it’s not too bad and there is no fever to go along with it, we will be able to manage me here.  And again, that’s what we are hoping for.  We were told my numbers should drop after 5-10 days after my first push.  That puts the start of the decline anywhere between tomorrow and probably some time this weekend.  I don’t know how long they will stay down before rising again, it’s sort of a personal thing, related to me and how I respond.  I guess we shall see.

For now here I am, back in the family room.  I’m tired from the nights in the hospital where a person can’t get more than a few hours of sleep without interruption.  It will be nice for both Karen and I to be sleeping back at home again.  Me in the bed and she on the air mattress next to the bed (I am currently sweating chemo and very toxic so there is no close proximity allowed… not safe for her).  Still, we will both sleep better here.  We just do.  It’s home.

One nice thing… we missed the major heat wave.  There are blessings in every situation.  That was one of ours being in the hospital during the big hot weather.

Now… I’m watching some Dateline thing we DVR’d and my honey is taking a shower.  She just cleaned the house, including cleaning the fresh veggies and fruits out of the fridge and moving the potatoes into the shop, and freezing the blueberries. Getting ready for that neutropenic stage again.  We did this before, so I’m not too worried about it, we know what to do.  I may not even become neutropenic, but the doc said it would probably happen, just not for as long as I was before.  Yay!

Right now I’m just enjoying the fans blowing on me and being home again.  Love it….

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4 thoughts on “Sprung…. Day Four

  1. Glad you are home safe and sound. I went and sat in your chair for awhile today. Felt your smile and heard you say that I looked sporty. I felt sporty just thinking about it. Needless to say we miss you tons. Life goes on at Juvy. VO ran again Nathan D came in and ST wouldn’t come over to my side. Linsay made goodies and I needed you to help me eat them; the to\wo of us would have had everything polished off. As it was i tried but just too much. I will call later in the week and see how you are feeling. Headed for Vancouver island next week to get you some Halibut. Love Stan

  2. Stan… You are sporty, and I miss you, and the rest of the gang at the department. Weird to think that my last day was supposed to be this Friday. So glad I never put in that notice, given everything that’s happened and I so appreciate all you’ve done, and all everyone there has done to support me and cover and make sure I can get through this thing. I love you, and them, more than I can say. It’s my second family. You are family to me. I’m looking forward to your call and to that halibut!!

  3. Just curious but what do fresh veggies and fruit have to do with neutropenic stages? Glad that you’re back home and getting settled in for a bit. Sending you cyber hugs.

    Love ya! Penny

    1. Penny… the fruits and veggies thing is all about dirt, bacteria, and molds. Most of the time people have natural immunity to the spores and bacteria on fruits and vegetables, when a person is neutropenic they don’t have that natural protection and so those things can become very dangerous to a neutropenic person. And there you have it… 🙂 There’s more on wikipedia. LOL

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