It’s Friday.  What else?  It’s the 9th of July… so big happy birthdays have to go out to two of my favorite guys…  Arnold and Eric.  Happy birthday gents…  you are spectacular men and I love you both.  What else does it being the 9th mean?  It’s the 9th… Karen and my 7 year and 3 month anniversary.  LOL  We used to celebrate every month… in the beginning.  Now we just smile and say happy anniversary.  So, happy anniversary honey… it’s been a magical 7 years and 3 months and I know every month and year that’s ahead of us will be just as magical.  I love you.

Otherwise… I’m hanging out in our coolish family room, Weston is curled up asleep next to me, Karen is working away in the office and the little girlie is curled up asleep in there with her, and I’m watching a continuously changing strange array of television shows.  There are no appointments today, meaning we don’t have to go anywhere if we don’t want to today.  Kind of nice.  I’ve had breakfast, my morning oral chemo with it, and my morning tea.

A nice mellow day so far…. life is good.

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