The Apple of My Eye

Wow. What’s up with me anyway? No blog posts in awhile. Lame. What can I say? Sometimes life takes over and there’s nothing to do but go with it. S’ok. I can do that. I just thought, looking at my pages here, that I’ve been a bit remiss. I’ve been blogging now for years. Since 2005 I think, long ago when I started on Live Journal. Strange to think about all that’s happened in our lives since then and all the posts about those life events. A lot of us and life wrapped up here.

Guess I’m just being a tad sentimental. Changes are a foot for me, for us. I will have more time, maybe, to post a bit more often and certainly a lot to post about over the next several months. The most exciting thing on the docket… being grandparents. Woo hoo! VERY excited about that. Right now the little sprout is an apple. That’s the size, not the future name. I wasn’t ever a parent, besides the step parenting I get to do now which is so easy. Let’s face it… when you come into a situation when the kid is in college already there’s not a lot of parenting to do. I love, try to support, and am friends with the kids. It’s something I love about my life. A bonus I was lucky enough to get in the course of meeting and loving K. But I came into it after all the stuff… no school programs, no cheering on the sidelines like a mad woman during a sporting event, no consoling after a let down, no laughing and laughing and laughing about something totally silly that only little kids laugh at. None of that. I can’t wait to experience it. To have picnics in the living room and trips to the zoo and making forts out of blankets and dancing to music while making dinner in the kitchen (Ok, we do the dancing part already but it will be fun to do it with the little one). To have this little person who I know I will adore and will adore us. To hear them laugh. I can’t wait.

These next few months are going to go fast. So much is going to happen… wow.

What Are Your Thoughts?

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