Lordy… This IS Life!!!

I haven’t posted in ages.  I’m lame.  And exactly how many times have I said that after not posting for ages?  Many.

So much in life has happened recently… Since Thanksgiving really.  Thanksgiving with friends, then Karen’s illness and hospitalization, then her recovery, then our time in Chicago over the holidays which included Mary and Martin’s wedding, then back to work, then the fantastic news that we will be grandparents (yep…woo hoo!!! Mary and Martin are expecting a little bambino!!  Yay!!!!) in September, and then my decision to… to… I can barely say it… quit my job so we can run off to England and be there, for a few weeks, before and after the little monkey’s birth and then over the holidays and then…. I don’t even know what comes then.  It’s a lot to soak up.  On one hand… more exciting than I can say.  On the other hand… it’s a bit sad, and scary, and it’s more exciting than I can say.  I’m leaving this life I’ve known with certainty and moving into a life where there is no certainty, other than the fact that I will be doing something I love completely (taking photographs and writing) and loving my family.  I guess that’s an amazing gift.  I don’t even really have to guess about it, it IS an amazing gift.

What Are Your Thoughts?

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