Ponderosa, originally uploaded by Tokenhippygirl.

It’s amazing in the Camp Sherman area of the Metolius. I love it there. My family went there nearly every year for awhile when I was young. I learned to fly fish on this river and loved every moment we spent there. Being there as an adult brings back all those great memories and the feelings associated with them. Fishing the river with mom and Kev,  Bill teaching me how to fish there, floating down it on inner tubes, catching fish and flopping them up onto shore right at my grandparents feet because I was small and didn’t have a net, freezing after spending too long in the cold water, sniffing the vanilla smelling goodness of the trees, exploring the area in the car with the family singing those crazy Bill songs, eating ice cream sandwiches purchased at the store… the list goes on. For me this is one of two apexes of happiness of my childhood. This place, and the farm my grandparents lived at when I was a kid, are tops.  What great warm memories. What joy. What happiness. I love the Camp Sherman area. I spend time there and not only enjoy the moments I have now, as an adult, but I remember all the good things about what it was to be a kid there. It’s a wonderful feeling every time I go.

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