Freakin’ Busy

That’s all I have to say…. sort of.

My oh my have we been in the soup lately.  I don’t know when we had a day off recently.  I mean… a day off.  No work, no play away from our house, nothing but relaxin’ at the abode.  I can’t remember.  That’s bad.

I was sitting here thinking about our week so far and our week ahead.  ha ha ha ha!!  I just drew a blank on what we did Monday.  What did we do? Two days ago.  We went somewhere.  Did we?  If we were with you, don’t be offended, it’s not that you’re not important to me, it’s that my brain is full. (Oh, just remembered, right before hitting the publish button… we didn’t go anywhere.  Maggie came over and we made dinner and hung out.  We did a vehicle exchange so we could take Maggie’s rig to the tire place for her Tuesday morning… yeah, that’s it.  Sorry Maggie… I had a moment.  Those squash patties were awesome by the way!)

I do know what we did last night.  We went for a bike ride with some friends along Waterfront Park and the East Bank Esplanade.  We crossed the Hawthorne and Steele bridges and stopped for some bento, yakisoba, and greek food at Riverplace.  A great night.  We are in training for the Providence Bridge Pedal on Sunday.  In training… now that’s funny.  We are so out of shape that what we pedaled last night was nothing compared to what we are supposed to pedal on Sunday.  If we make it we will have to celebrate big time, if we can walk that is.

Tonight… I believe there’s a birthday get together for Don.  Happy birthday Don!  Tomorrow… we talked about going on another bike ride.  We’ll see.  Friday night… ah, Friday.  I think, maybe we have nothing planned.  Saturday an antique show/fair in Aurora.  Sunday… Bridge Pedal.

Plus, the whole time all this is happening our bathroom addition is getting built.  Framing is now done.  Roof on today (they are re-roofing our existing house and roofing our new addition) and rough plumbing starting today as well.  Kev put in the top of the sun tunnel that will be in our walk in closet last night.  Karen is hauling another load to the dump this morning.  Our tub, vanity, and other misc. stuff is getting delivered some time today between 10 and 2 (I have to run home when it happens to help unload… long story that involves curbside only delivery… ugh!  Big crates dropped at the bottom of our long driveway… ridiculous) and the shower head, valves, etc. are also supposed to get delivered today.  Karen is calling gutter people to get estimates.  Kev is calling sheet rock and insulation places to get estimates.  Electrician will start next week on rough electrical.  Kev will put on the siding some time in the next while.  It’s quite the production.

We need a vacation…

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