The Wedding Dance

I know this VIDEO is viral all over the web now, but I just happened to see it this morning and thought… hmmm… Mary… Martin… get on those dancin’ shoes!!  Seriously though… this is great.  If this video doesn’t make you feel good, I don’t know what will.  Congrats to J&K.

Published by Tam

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3 thoughts on “The Wedding Dance

  1. Syd… I couldn’t agree more! I smiled through the whole thing. I’m thinking Mary and Martin should do this in their wedding in January, only the officiate, me, should also be able to groove on in with the rest of them. Yes?

  2. Yes. Will you be wearing any kind of vestments? That would be spiffy dancing down the aisle in surplice and collar, or whatever they call those long sashes around the neck.

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