… just had to do that.  National Blog Posting Month, every month.  July’s theme is routine.  Thought I’d throw out a mini post about routine.  A day in our life, so to speak.

Get up at 6:30, take the dogs out, take a shower (or not), get the lunch ready to take to work… meanwhile…. Karen is right up and to work (after taking the dogs out).  She brews her tea, boots up her computer, dons her headset, and she’s working.  She peruses work from the night before to see if there were issues, then dives in.  Right now, for instance, she’s having a meeting… while wearing her Obama t-shirt and ho ho ho fleece pajama bottoms.  She’s in charge.  Pretty impressive, even in the outfit.  And that’s pretty much her day.  She’s in the office, on the phone meeting or working out issues with people around the country, working on her computer, sending e-mail, etc.  I, on the other hand, have a different gig.  OK, so I make my lunch, and then if I have time I usually sit in the office and check my email, or send out a tweet, or peruse Facebook, or look at the news, etc.  Nothing of real substance, but at least I’m close to my sweetie.  We can’t really talk in the morning after the initial getting up period as Karen is usually on the phone almost immediately.  She has a meeting every day at 7:30 and is usually having to talk to someone before that meeting.  Last night was rough for them… it’s going to take a lot of clean up and adjusting on her part today to get things back in order.  Ah, the life of a high powered exec in her pajamas.

Work for me…  I get out of here about 8:00, or at least I should.  My work day starts at 8:30.  I usually try to get there a tad early, though this plan frequently doesn’t work.  Who knows why… sometimes it feels like someone is sneaking in and moving the clocks forward or something.  Most likely it’s my ability to do nothing and take up huge amounts of time.  It’s a gift… I know.  But, back at work… when I get there.  I make the coffee if it hasn’t been made, boot up my computer to see if I’ve gotten any emergent e-mail, check phone messages (if I have any, and I frequently do… people like to call AFTER we close… LOL).  My co-workers and I all check in with each other, the on call person usually reports on any calls that came in over night (I’m on call right now and no calls came in last night… meaning, no report).  If there was a call on one of my clients I then have to spring into action to either set court hearings, look for reports, call to get reports because they haven’t come in yet, and usually call the family.  If no calls… back to the usual routine.  My days are very different from each other one to the next.  Some days I do loads of paperwork including petitions, database entry, letter writing, caseload perusal and tweaking, phone calls with distraught people who have problems they’d like me to solve, etc.  Some days I head out into the field and see clients in the areas I cover, or go to detention to see a kid, or attend various meetings.  Some days I have court.  That means wearing nice clothes (or nicer, in comparison to the casualness of what I usually wear), meeting with families before we go in to explain the process to them (if I haven’t already had a chance to meet with them in advance), handling the arraignment (presenting the case and parties to the Judge, reading the charge into the record, then sitting down… I’m not an attorney, but I have to act like one), and giving recommendations to the court if the client admits (including reading all the rules into the record) or discussing conditions of release if the client doesn’t admit.  Sometimes I’ll have three hearings in a morning.  I think the most I ever had was 5 or 6.  That’s too many.  By the time you get to the last couple of them it’s hard to remember who the parties are, why they’re there, what’s going on.  A person can be really mind fried by then.  I always admire the Judge’s ability to just sort of handle the cases all day, all that info, all the parties, etc.  Impressive.  Sometimes I’ll have a pre-trial conference with the client’s attorney and I’m sitting there plea bargaining with them.  Again, I’m not an attorney, but I have to act like one.  It’s kinda cool, and pretty interesting.

My day goes like that… then it’s five and I come home.  Karen is usually still working… sometimes for another hour or so.  I get greeted hardily by the pups, who act as though they haven’t seen me in days.  It’s lovely.  I again usually come into the office and look around on iTunes or work on my photos or peruse my e-mail or tweet something or look at Facebook or read the news or, like last night, start looking at tile for the bathroom addition we’re putting on (if the county will get on with approving our plans).  We hang in the office for a while, me zoning out, Karen still working, and then we shut it down for the night and, if we stay home, we play a little with the dogs, give them some dinner, make dinner for ourselves, eat either outside, if it’s nice, or at the table.  We talk.  Then it’s movie time.  Plop in a film from Netflix, hope it’s good, go to bed afterward.  If we don’t stay home we are usually grocery shopping or meeting friends for dinner or going to a movie or taking the dogs for a walk or going for a bike ride somewhere.

It is a glorious life.  We have our routines, the way we live our lives every day, and it’s beautiful.  I would never change the way Weston looks at me every morning when I’m sitting here at my computer, and he finally gets his way and jumps in my lap to either give me kisses or try and sit on my desk.  I wouldn’t change the way we get up the same way every day, or go to bed the same way every night… taking the dogs out, taking our vitamins, closing down the house.  I wouldn’t change any of it.  I love this life I’m lucky to be living right now.  I absolutely love it.

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