Nothin’ But Net

Nothin’ But Net, originally uploaded by Tokenhippygirl.

To go back, rewind if you will, our lives the last week or so, I have to go back to last weekend. As in the 27th and 28th of June.

I already blogged about our fantastic bike ride downtown, complete with views of the bible and barq’s, on Friday night. Friday the 26th that is. However, I sort of left off there. Never getting into the basketball game we went to on Saturday. Hence, the photo here of the net, taken at the old high school in Oregon City. Yes Mary, we were haunting your old stomping ground. Your mom pointed out the pool you spent so much of your life in. It was cool to be there, to see where you went to school.

The funny thing was, Karen didn’t know there were other gyms in that building besides the big gym. So there we were, paying and standing by the doors in the big gym looking for my friend’s daughter, or Shawn, my friend. They are noticeable, and we didn’t notice them. We started wondering if we were even in the right building. I was texting her, she was looking for us, she said they were upstairs, we tried to go upstairs and the doors were locked. Finally, duh, we asked the woman at the ticket table. She said… no, they are in the OTHER gym. Other gym? What other gym? Needless to say we hot footed it over to the other side of the building, climbed the stairs to the second floor, and whalah! There was Shawn. The game hadn’t even started yet, which was a good thing.

Great game. It wasn’t even close really, as Shawn’s daughter’s team blew away the competition. We were like, before the game even started, thinking… it’s over. “Our” team was so much taller and bigger than theirs. They were quick, but they couldn’t make their shots, and “we” did. Fun to watch youngsters playing like that. Everyone out there for the love of the game. Really nice.

Oh, and Shawn… it was so great, as always, to see you. We should try getting together some time away from the court. If you were only going to Seaside this year instead of Orlando maybe that could happen, but I see how you are. Sure…. go somewhere totally more cool, and have a real vacation, instead of same old Seaside. Yeah… uh huh.

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