How To Sleep Walk Effectively

I’m tired.  Tired to the bones tired.  It’s nobody’s fault really.  It’s just that I got only three and a half or four hours of sleep.  Not good.  It went something like this… stay up until almost midnight, go to sleep, wake at 3:20 when the little girl pounced on me then sat there on me looking at me, take little girl out, go back to bed, little girl pounces again because apparently she didn’t do all her business, take little girl outside again, go back to bed, realize little girl had left “traces” of her “movement” on my arm where I’d carried her, get up again and go to bathroom, wash arm thoroughly, go back to bed, don’t go back to sleep for a long time, finally go to sleep, wake up again when little girl pounced on me about a half an hour after I went back to sleep, whine that I didn’t want to get up again, watch Karen get up with little girl, stay awake until about 10 minutes before the alarm went off.  And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how a girl gets tired.

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