What’s In Your Wallet

I was cleaning out my wallet today and sharing what I’d cleaned out with my work com padres. I recently “moved” into a smaller wallet so as to avoid the Castanza wallet syndrome. You know the Castanza wallet syndrome… an enormously huge and fatty wallet that is so big, holding all cards and receipts you’ve somehow collected over the past 12 years without ever having cleaned it out, you can’t hardly fit it into a pocket, or even use a small dolly to carry it. That wallet. I had one of those. Sort of. I had a wallet, receipts built up in the wallet, it became a big fatty of a wallet, and it was a pain in the butt. Literally, if I had to carry my wallet in my pants pocket for any reason. So I changed. Before we flew off to England I decided I needed a sleeker, smaller, easier to carry wallet. I needed to down size. I did. Now I have a small, petite, fits all the cards I need and some occasional folding cash, in small amounts, and it never gets big wallet. There is one place in my new wallet, however, I tend to slip “stuff” into. You know stuff… receipts, stubs, train tickets. That stuff. That’s the stuff I cleaned out today.

I was recounting, to my work posse, what I’d removed and Chris said to me… what does what you had in your wallet say about you. Stacia then said… sounds like a blog entry to me. So, here it is… the list of what was in my wallet, besides the usual cards and ID. I will leave it to you to say what it means about me. And here we go… One ticket stub for Pink Martini at the Schnitzer; one ticket stub from seeing Romeo and Juliet at the Globe in London; train tickets from England; and REI receipt; an All About Pets store receipt; a business card from Held (vegan belt makers who make belts from old treadmill track and who sell their stuff at Saturday Market); receipts from several vendors at Saturday Market where we bought art, funky pottery, hats, and a jumper; receipt from the Whiskey Shop in Edinburgh where we purchased one fantastic bottle of single malt scotch and two authentic whiskey drinking glasses; London Underground ticket; a five pound Bank of Scotland note; and lastly, a coffee receipt.

That’s what was in my wallet… what’s in yours?

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