Lancaster Priory

Lancaster Priory, originally uploaded by Tokenhippygirl.

Here we are on the eve of our return to the states. I’ve just finished uploading all of our photos from our two week sojourn in the United Kingdom. We took nearly 2000 photos. Insane, I know. These last few I’m posting today were taken in and around Lancaster. It’s been good to us. We took our daily morning walk to Cafe Nero for our usual extra hot skinny chai and latte this morning and the girl behind the counter knew our drinks. We were impressed and told her, sadly, this was our last morning here. We did say we’d return, and she said she would try to remember. She’ll probably have to have a long memory, but cheers to her for even suggesting that effort.


    1. I am missing Lancaster. I live in Oregon, but my step daughter and her fiance live in Lancaster so I’ve been a couple of times. It’s a lovely town.

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