Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge, originally uploaded by Tokenhippygirl.

Here it is folks, the famous Tower Bridge over the Thames. We landed in London, Mary and Martin met us at the airport, and we took our massive collection of bags, by tube, to our hotel. We couldn’t check in, given that it was morning, but the concierge was kind enough to take our bags and we were off. We jumped on the tube again and headed down to the waterfront. I believe the walk along the Thames has a name, which I can’t remember. Our goal was to get to The Globe before the show, Romeo and Juliet, started at two. It was nice, since we landed so early, to have time to just sort of wander along, check out the sites, and take photos. We got a much needed coffee, walked, and bought some hot nuts from a street vendor. Those were some tasty nuts.

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