The New Fence


The New Fence, originally uploaded by Tokenhippygirl.

We added a dog door and fencing to the back as well so the pups would sort of have an area they could go outside to without being chaperoned. On the other side of the deck, not visible in this photo, will be (the last step in the transformation) a circlish spot of grass with more montana rainbow rock and stepping stones around it. There’s another fence with gate there as well, at that end of the house. Do we love our dogs or what? This required so much rock hauling, caused so many cuts and bruised hands, and smashed a lot of fingers. I can’t even tell you. I think it’s worth it though. Didn’t turn out too bad.


  1. I like this fence. Maybe this is something we should consider for our little ones. I was thinking today how nice it would be to open the door and let them just go without standing there in the rain with them. They both love to be outside and I can’t always find the time to stay there with them as long as they would like. I like how safe Riley and Weston look.

  2. Penny… Exactly. It’s why we did all of it. So we’d have an area they could go out into on their own. Having the dog door helps too. It’s fabulous. When we go to England and Kev is here with them he has to work during the day, so they will be able to go out on their own while he’s away. It’s much better for them.

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