Sandwiching… and Other Adventures

We seem to never have a dull moment.  Ever.  Always on the go, always “stuff” to do.  Always.  Always.  Always.

This weekend was no exception.  To sum up… We had furniture delivered Friday evening and then met friends for dinner at The Varsity (it was great to see you Jimmy! … and the rest of ya’all too, don’t want you to feel left out even though we see you all the time), we redecorated our bedroom around the new furniture, we rented and returned a U-haul to move some family furniture from our house to my nephew’s place, we met up with friends at a club and boogied our selves down to the ground at Barracuda followed by dessert and coffee at Hobos, we met my mom and new step sistas for a trip to Red Pig Tools (fun for the whole family if you love handcrafted garden tools) and then lunch at the Carver Cafe (pretty tasty… long wait, but great burgers when we finally got them… possibly it was so crowded because I just now found out, while looking for a link for the Cafe, that it was used for the cafe scenes in the movie Twilight…. who knew?  Not I.  If you’re interested you can find that info HERE), we loaded up a bunch o’ stuff in the truck and took it to the dump (including some hazardous materials in the way of old stain that they only take on the last Saturday of the month), we watched a bad, underscore bad, movie called Choke (don’t see it, whatever you do), and it’s now only three o’clock on Sunday.  We’ve decided to turn down an invitation to have dinner with friends at Joe’s Crab Shack.  It’s time for us to just relax at home.  Hang out.  Enjoy some quiet time.  Read.  Surf the net.  Blog.

The sandwiching part of the title of this little missive is about what you ask?  OK, so here it is.  It relates to a conversation Karen and I had last night on our way to the “Hot Flash Dance” where we boogied and hung with new and old friends.  Our conversation was this… though I guess I must first describe what we refer to as sandwiching.  Sandwiching is when three people dance together, with one person in the middle… sort of sandwiched in.  So here’s what we discussed, which I think is worth sharing if for no other reason than it made us both laugh hysterically.  We decided that when you’re young… a teen and in your 20’s, and even into the 30’s… when you sandwich it’s sexy.  Three people all sort of dancing together, being silly, being sexy… whatever… it’s kind of sexy.  Like a, let’s see if I can find a sandwich that sounds sexy… OK, here it is… kind of like a Grilled Taleggio and Tomato Sandwich.  Sounds sexy yes?  Kind of exotic, not completely sure what’s in there, mysterious… yet fresh and juicy with the tomato and all.  Sexy.  But when people get older… later 30’s and then 40’s and beyond… sandwiching isn’t as sexy.  And don’t get us wrong… there are still some sexy sandwichers out there.  But c’mon people… sandwiching after 40 is usually, in our analogy anyway, like a great bologna and cheddar sandwich.  Plain, comfortable, friendly… but not really sexy.  We, at this time in our lives, are like bologna.  And don’t go feelin’ all sad and bummed for us.  We’re not bummed, or sad.  We like being bologna.  We like sandwiching and laughing our butts off while we do it.  It’s hilarious.  No longer sexy… it’s just plain fun and silly.  There you have sandwiching 101, Karen and Tam style.  I love being us.


  1. Was good seeing you also ,there never seems to be enough time, thanx for coming to the resturante, shareing with me my 8th year !!!

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