Running Over Barbie

I admit it.  I ran her over.  Not an actual person named Barbie, so quit reaching for the phone and 911, no… the doll.  She was sprawled out, looking just like a crime scene, in the middle of the road.  I couldn’t stop in time to avoid her and really don’t know if I would’ve if I could’ve anyway.  What I’m really disappointed about is that I couldn’t stop to take a photo of her.  I was picturing how I’d do it, no pun intended, getting down on hands and knees trying to get the most realistic angle.  The problem wasn’t that I didn’t have a camera with me.  The problem was that I was on my way to a meeting and couldn’t stop, didn’t have time.  Sad.  A picture would’ve been good.

So there she was… sprawled out, face down, in the middle of the road.  I wondered, how did she get there?  Was there some little girl or boy out there missing their Barbie, not knowing where she was or how she’d gotten away?  Was she dropped from a passing car or from a kid’s bike as they sped along?  Was someone off on the side of the road doing a little experiment trying to see if anyone would stop to render assistance to her?  I don’t know.  There was a guy passing by, walking, who didn’t even look at her.  I thought it sort of sad.  Not even a tiny glance in her direction.  What was she?  Meaningless?  Come on…. a plastic girl has feelings too.  Right?  Am I right?

Ah well… I will never know her fate.  Never know what might have happened to cause her to be there in the first place.  I’ll never know…. I wonder if it’ll haunt me.  The picture of her, in my head, forever branded there.  The horrifying site of face down Barbie.  Probably not.  But if it did… wow… I shudder at the thought…

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3 thoughts on “Running Over Barbie

  1. I think she probably just stumbled drunk out into the middle of the road and was hit by a car. She’s been in bad shape lately…her friends have been worried and she’s been hitting the pills again too. When she didn’t get picked to be on celebrity rehab—well, she just lost it.

    1. bwah ha ha ha… You know, now that you mention it I thought I saw her lurking around outside the celebrity rehab clinic, dashing past the pool just on the edge of the shot, yelling at Dr. Drew… #$@?$#@& just out of eye shot. Very astute of you to pick up on all of that.

  2. Actually due to her declining fan base, I think it was a publicity stunt gone wrong…terribly wrong. But do not be riddled with guilt because a little waving over the flame and her plastics parts will probably pop right back out and she’ll be whole again….after she is through re-hab. Maybe there should be a new version of this doll…”Deer in the Headlights” Barbie. or how about “Asphalt Angst” Barbie? I believe the possibilities are endless. You may have started a revolution. Rejoice and be glad!

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