365… Over And Out

Well folks… my quest to post a new photo a day for a year has finally come to an end.  I was loyal to it for most of the year, and even when I was a bit late in getting them actually posted, I was fairly good at taking a photo every day.

This has been a fun journey.  It’s allowed me to do something I love, to pay more attention to the beauty in the world, and to be more cognizant of  the photo possibilities around me.  It’s had me, and I hope will keep me, looking at the world differently.

This is goodbye to one chapter, and hello to a whole new world of taking pictures.  I just know it’s going to continue to be a fun ride.

So now what to do with this blog… I think I’m going to keep it as a photo blog.  A place to post photos I’ve taken that I like very much.  A place to celebrate my love of taking photographs.  So keep checking here, and check back often… I’ll continue posting.  Maybe not every day, or maybe more than once a day.  I’ll go with whatever strikes me.

I guess I had best keep that camera battery charged… I think I’m just getting started.


  1. Thank you! This was a fun ride! I enjoyed coming along with you from the other side of the world, following your pics and the story they told, and I’ll keep reading this blog… after all, it’s the journey that matters, and its final is just the beginning of a new journey!

    Have a great new year!

  2. Ted… Thanks so much for your comment and for trekking along with me. I will keep posting so stop by once in awhile. And you have yourself an excellent 2009 as well!

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