Trapped, originally uploaded by Tokenhippygirl.

Day Eight…. We’ve been able to get out twice. Once early in the week and once, briefly, on Thursday. Thank goodness for that. Since then we’ve been unable to leave our house. The promised relief in the forecast keeps getting pushed back. We watch the news and check weather dot com incessantly hoping for a change, for warmer weather, for what looks like an opportunity to leave.

Don’t get me wrong…

It’s not that we don’t like each other… we really do. Thank goodness. We probably couldn’t be stuck with any better people than we are, but this has gone too far. We want out. We want to leave. We are getting silly. Playing games, surfing the net, cooking, making brownies and cakes, and venturing outside. Very nice… we’ll do it all again tomorrow.

Karen and I took a stroll down to the road earlier. The snow cascading over our boots (knee high Sorrel’s) in places. Us crunching through the layer of ice covering the top of the snow, which has since been itself covered with a couple more inches of snow.

Will it ever end? We are trying to plan our trip to England in May now thinking we could all still be here, hoping to get out and to the UK at that time. LOL Not really… but man… snow bound is an apt term.

Hello? Anyone? Anyone?

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