Time Away

Our View, originally uploaded by Tokenhippygirl.

We had such a great time camping with the HSWH. We loved hanging out, spending time, and getting to know Don’s kids and their families better. They’re such great people and we’re thankful they invited us along and let us in on the annual camping trip. Thanks so much to Mom and Don as well. You two are amazing people and we love you both very much. Also… the Kevster, and getting to ride down the river on the rubber raft with you… very fun, sort of. Bet you’re still wondering why you agreed to come along on that little sojourn. 🙂 And, lastly… Weston… he was such a great little guy on this trip. He got to be off his lead quite a bit and he handled himself like a little gentleman. He never really ran off, and he was so good around the kids and in camp. He also got to make friends with Luke, which I think, after much sniffing, he liked very much. We’re lucky… he’s a really great little guy, a guy who had a spectacular time. In fact, he had such a great time it took him two days of sleeping, a lot, to recover.

Now, we’re home again, back at work, doing our work thing… but it was so good to get away, relax, enjoy the peace, enjoy the company of great people, and just be for awhile. Camping is good. I mean, what could be better than nature, quiet, a slower pace, long days, and simplicity.

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