Happy Birthday Karen!

Daisy, originally uploaded by Tokenhippygirl.

Yesterday was Karen’s 51st birthday. She probably wouldn’t be thrilled I actually blogged the number, but… she’s 51, and she has a great and young attitude, so who cares right? Easy for me to say since I’m 42, but what the heck. I like that she’s 51. It’s a good number.

We started off the day with her having to work, which, if you ask me, is no fun way to spend ones birthday. Life calls and we do what we must. So she worked… and Mary, Martin, and I took a little jaunt to a local nursery so M & M could get Karen and tree for her birthday. Our mission was successful and now the tree is out on the front deck, waiting to be planted. We’ve decided on a spot for it, now it’s just a matter of getting it in the ground. We also had a deer at the house again. It’s been a long time… since last we saw the cougar actually, that we’ve had any deer here. It was cool to see one.

After Karen was done working we ventured in to Typhoon (Karen’s choice) for some very tasty Thai food which we ate outside on the deck. Martin got a bath from the waitress, but only a small one. It was her first day, first hour, first table… she was nervous. She did great though and we told her so. Everyone’s had a first day in their lives, and some of us more than one. So, dinner… it was great. And afterward we walked down 23rd to Papa Haydn for dessert. Papa Haydn is known for their desserts and so when I asked Karen what she wanted and she said cheesecake, Papa Haydn it was.

From there we drove up to Washington Park and the Portland Rose Garden. Karen’s a fan of roses, flowers, and all things garden, so it was a great place to go to walk off the food, and see some really beautiful flowers. Very lovely.

We ended the evening back at home kicking back and watching one of Karen’s favorite shows on television, So You Think You Can Dance. I’d say, though I haven’t asked her yet, that she had a really good day. All she really needed and wanted was to have Mary and Martin here to celebrate with us, and she was happy… so I’d say, she was happy.  Happy Birthday My Honey… you are a gift to me, every day.  I love you.

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