The Mississippi Pizza Pub

The Mississippi Pizza Pub, originally uploaded by Tokenhippygirl.

We actually started off the evening, last night, with a stop by Phil and Steph’s house. Ok, so what happened is we knew we could probably park by their house, which we found we could, and when we did we decided we should probably stop in and say hello since we were just right there and everything. And before you go and think we were being rude and all by just dropping by without a call, which I would normally never do to anyone, know this… they don’t mind it at all. In fact, they like it. People are always dropping by their house. It’s just their way. So, we stopped in and said hello. Phil was getting some dinner and some wine together on their deck for them and some friend’s of theirs who’d come over. Steph was hanging with their girls upstairs. We went in and chatted with Steph upstairs and then Phil offered us wine as we came back downstairs. We had to decline the wine as we had friends waiting at Mississippi Pizza, but it was great of him to ask. What a fantastic couple of people they are. I feel, we feel, very fortunate to have met them and very lucky that my mom married Steph’s dad. It’s terrific to really dig the people you get connected to through marriage. And… we dig them.

After the short visit with Steph and Phil we walked down to Mississippi Pizza for a pie and a root beer with friends. Yeah, no beer last night. Root beer. It was good. What can we say, we’re not big drinkers. At least there’s beer in the name… yeah, we’re very tough.

We were very full after dinner and a walk sounded splendid to all so a walk is what we had. We cruised up one side and down the other of Mississippi Avenue, wandering into some stores, looking at the Freemont Bridge, looking at construction on the street… me snapping pictures the whole time. It was a very relaxing, very lovely evening.

What follows this is a collection of some of the shots I took last night as we wandered. My camera is my friend… and it’s offspring ain’t that bad either. Yeah, I know that was a weird metaphor….

2 thoughts on “The Mississippi Pizza Pub

  1. I wanna know how the pizza was? We have yet to find a decent pizza place here. You’d think – Italian Country…right? Well, you’d be wrong. Nothing worth noting at all thus far.

    We often dream of “American Dream” in Corvallis. Wonder if it’s still around? If you ever get down that way – stop in, have a pie and think of us… by far the very best pizza I’ve ever had!

  2. The pizza is fantastic, and I’m not just saying that because my new step sister and step brother in law own it. I say it because it’s the tastiest pie around. Plus, the atmosphere of the place is laid back and cool. Great vibe. Next time you’re in Portland the pie is on us!

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