Last Weekend, In Brief

Last weekend was so full, so busy, that it went by in a sort of hurried blur. Here’s a recap… staining the deck on Friday after work until it got so dark we could no longer see what we were doing (TIP: do not do this, the end result will sadly be less than you hoped for), kayaking Saturday morning/early afternoon at Scappoose Bay in the blazing sun with some good friends (it was totally fun), fund raising dinner with silent auction Saturday night (yes, we bid, and we won), Sunday’s morning trips to the dump and then back to the recycling center, me trying to get the rental agreement and application all typed up (with all legal mumbo jumbo inserted correctly) and ready to go for possible future renters, Karen mowing the lawn and cutting back scotch broom and other nasty intruders in our yard, a trip to buy a panini maker followed by a walk along 23rd (Weston loved it… loads of other dogs to sniff and many people to pet him) and a stop at Tara Thai for some takeout (yum), more staining of the deck until it was dark (we still didn’t get it finished), and then… sleep. A solid two days of activity and being on the go.

So far this week our busy life hasn’t slowed or let up. Monday night we headed to New Seasons to get all the Panini fixin’s for the American Idol finale party we’re having at our house tonight. I should probably explain, so here goes… we, at my work, have a pool every year on American Idol. You buy in and there are two parts to it. One, you pick, every Wednesday, the person you think will be voted off that week based on their Tuesday night’s performance. The person with the most correct picks wins that pot. The other half of the pot is solely based on picking the winner. Yes, this is sad, but what can I say… we actually do this, and it’s fun. So, Monday we shopped for Panini “stuff”, Tuesday we cleaned the house in a major way and brought out all of our deck furniture (just in time for the big rain), and tonight… we party. Nothing better than hanging out with good people and eating good food. I’m no longer in the money for either part of the pool, but Karen is. Whoo hoo!

As for the rest of the week? Thursday… we rest. Or maybe we’ll stain that last little bit of deck we have yet to stain. Nah… I vote for resting.

What Are Your Thoughts?

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