It’s March 28, and snowing.  Not much more to say about that other than… what the hell?  I’m looking out the window of my office and can see several fishing boats out on the Columbia River.  Those are some die hard fishermen.  My director, Stan, included.  He’s out there somewhere, braving the cold with the hope of catching the big one.  I think I’d rather be right where I am.  Warm and dry.  Even though I am at work….

We’re supposed to go kayaking tomorrow.  We’re taking a beginners lesson.  I think the phrase here is… dress warmly.  That and refusing to do the whole dump in the river thing.  I don’t think I want to get extremely wet and cold in all this cold.  Though I am still looking forward to the class.  Call me a bit crazy.  It might be sort of pretty kayaking around in the snow.  I just don’t want to get dumped into the river when it’s freezing outside.  Say no to freezing.

Tonight we’re going to an empty bowls event.  You buy your ticket, go in, choose one of a huge number of hand made bowls, take your bowl over to the soup line, and then sit down with your bowl of soup and your piece of bread.  It’s a charity event.  It’s supposed to raise money and awareness for the many hungry people locally as well as in the world.  It’s totally a great and worthwhile way to spend a few hours.  Plus, you get a cool bowl to take home with you.  We did this last year and loved it so we’re going again this year with some friends.  Should be fun.

Otherwise this weekend it’s going to be all about the rental house again.  We have a couple of little things that need to get done.  We can’t do anything major, like painting the inside, until the rest of the windows get put in, which is supposed to happen next week… we hope.  We’re getting an estimate on getting the outside painted as well.  So, we’re getting close… can’t wait.

Ah, the snow stopped… for now at least.  Wonder if it’s still snowing at our place.  We live up in the hills and always get a lot more snow than here at the office.  I should call and see….


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