Light of the Moon

Light of the Moon, originally uploaded by Tokenhippygirl.

We got home a bit late last night and when we did the moon was full and the stars were out, sort of. It’s Oregon, it was the first day of spring, and there were clouds and rain yesterday. We just happened to catch the moon and stars peeking out for a short time. Not a bad shot, this, considering I was using the camera on my phone… no tripod.

It’s Friday now… whoo hoo! We have plans already set up for tomorrow to… yep, you guessed it, work on the rental house. We’ve had a couple of sinks replaced there, thanks Tim, and are going to pick up the old sinks and a couple of other items (a medicine cabinet we took out) and take them to the Rebuilding Center. What a great place that is. They take donations of “stuff” you’ve taken out of your house. It’s a huge place. You can also go in and buy, for very reasonable prices, parts to fix almost anything in your house. It’s all stuff that’s been recycled out of old buildings and homes. So, we’re taking them our old sinks, which are really in fairly decent shape, and we’re going to pick up some newish carpet and a pad to go in one of the bedrooms of our rental. This is the place where we bought the sinks we just put into the rental. Let me tell ya… good deals. We paid only $35 bucks for a really nice, very new, pedestal sink. And it looks great in there. Our plumber, the aforementioned Tim, was so impressed that he asked where this place was and has already been there. If you’re in need of some remodeling materials, check this place out. It’s a great concept, they have a great selection, and we want to keep it open by continuing to support them.

Otherwise for the coming weekend we will most likely try to get some work done around here. Our poor yard, due to weather and our being over at the rental a lot, has suffered and needs our attention. It think there’s some mowing, hoeing, and trimming in our future.

For those wondering about mom… Mom and Don are safely back from their backpacking travels around Mexico and Guatemala. We know they have stories and pictures to share and we can’t wait to see them, hug them, and get the full scoop.

Right now it’s 7:23 in the morning… Karen is working away, and has been since 6:30, Weston is curled up in his little bed, and I’m contemplating getting ready for work. It’s cute looking at Weston in his little bed. He’s always so funny about it. This is the bed we bought for him when we first brought him home. It’s not huge. Later, after he’d grown quite a bit, we bought him another, bigger, bed. Well… he only uses the big bed rarely to sleep on, more often to chew on, and has stuck pretty much to using the little bed. Like now. He’s a sweet little lad. Alrighty then… it’s off to work for me.

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