Flood Waters

It’s been all over the news.

Usually, when things like this happen, watching disaster coverage on TV that is, I always think… man… how terrible that is, over there… so far away.  Now, it’s here, right here in Oregon and Washington, and it’s pretty surreal.

Personally, my house hasn’t been flooded out and, as far as I know, my family, both in Oregon and in Washington, is all safe, warm and dry.  But even still… it’s terrible.  National Guard trucks coming through all the time, ongoing announcements from disaster relief organizations, helicopters flying overhead, the Governor touring and then requesting that FEMA get into gear with supplying money and modules to replace buildings for schools and homes.  It’s heartbreaking.

And yet… even though it is heartbreaking, it’s also amazing how people step up… lending a hand, giving money, supplying food.  These kinds of things always have two sides to them… the loss and devastation and then the wonderful response to that loss and devastation from the community.  People coming together and helping each other.  It’s the best in us meeting the worst mother nature can give head on.  How amazing is that.  How beautiful.  It brings a greater sense of togetherness, a hopefulness during a very tough time.

In a world where we get images every day that are frightening and hostile and violent, something like this, when people step up and come together… it reminds us who we can be and who we are.  It’s humanity at its shining best.

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