Finally, IT Happened

We were making dinner tonight (orange sesame chicken, cheddar garlic mashed potatoes, steamed carrots and cauliflower, and green beans), and while we were in the process we were also unloading the dishwasher and washing the dishes/loading the dishwasher. Suddenly Karen says to me, hey, you know something that annoys me… it annoys me when someone loads a jar into the dishwasher with the label still on… because THIS happens (she picked up the glass lid to a dish that had dried stuck paper on the back of it that had come from the aforementioned label). I stood there in shock. I mean, it’s the first time she’s ever said anything I do annoys her.

All the time we’ve been together I’ve tried to get her to pin point something about my behavior that annoys her. She’s always said… nope… there’s nothing. And I’ve argued that although I know I’m peachy to live with, there has had to be something. Anything. To which she’s always maintained that no, not really. I’m not that annoying. Of course, she’s so relaxed a person, so comfortable in who she is, that she’s really mellow. Very. Even so, I know I have to be annoying. Sometimes. Once in awhile. Occasionally. C’mon.

Today… today was the day. Finally. I found that yes, something I do does annoy her. Though now that she’s told me, I won’t do it again. So, damn.  Looks like I’ll just have to go on asking.  And I was so excited there for a minute.  Geez.