Kid In Disguise

Sometimes, believe it or not, I revert back to being a kid. Or at least, I have kid moments. I’m no longer embarrassed by them because, you know, they just happen. Probably, I think, for everyone. My latest, which occurred last night, was by far one of the most hilarious I’ve had.

Here’s the story…

I picked Karen up from the airport last night, she flew in from her latest business trip, and then we met my brother, Kevin, for dinner at Pastini. Dinner was lovely, and tasty. Thanks Kev for the lovely company and for picking up the tab, you are a scholar and a gentleman. The meal passed without incident and afterward we walked our separate ways to our respective vehicles. Ours was parked right in front of the restaurant, but Kev had to walk a couple of blocks down to his. We took off…

Karen and I got to a red light a ways down the road and a car pulled up next to us, but a bit behind us. We thought it was Kev, even though we couldn’t really see the driver, because the car looked very much like his. The light turned green and we moseyed on, moving along the highway out to our house. It was nighttime and so was dark outside. It was then that I got the idea…

I tell Karen that we should pull up next to “Kevin” and make a face and flip him off or something. Karen says, yeah, but we should use the English bird instead of the American one (Martin was kind enough to fill us in on the particulars of the English version last time he and Mary visited). I agree and say, OK, I’ll pull up next to him, turn on the light in the car, and then we’ll do it. So… we do. We pull up next to him, I turn on the overhead light, and we each make silly faces and hold up the sign. Only, it wasn’t Kev. Karen says, in the middle of us doing this… “OH MY GOD, it’s not Kevin. It’s some other guy, with a big mustache. It could be Kev, if he was wearing a fake mustache, but I don’t think he just put on a mustache while he was driving because he knew we’d be idiots and pull a stunt like this.” So, I turn off the light and then proceed to swerve a bit as I laugh so hard I cry, and cry, and laugh. Karen is slumped down in the passenger seat as far as she can be, and trust me, it’s far… she’s small. She tells me she’s embarrassed and that I shouldn’t pull up next to the guy. She keeps saying, let him get ahead of us, or stay ahead of him. The whole time laughing and laughing, it was so damn funny.

Finally, we got to another light that was red, and “Kevin”, who isn’t Kevin, was sitting at the light in the other lane. Karen says to me, OH NO, it’s HIM… and she shrinks back down in her seat again. Luckily we didn’t have to come face to face with him again as the light changed just as we were pulling up and he sped on ahead.

The thing that made this so very funny was that I’d asked her, after she said it wasn’t Kevin, what his reaction was to the whole thing… about the look on his face. She said he had leaned over toward his driver’s side window with a very quizzical expression, as if he was trying to figure out what the heck was going on and who we were. I kept thinking… wow… to be him must have been strange and funny. Can you imagine? Looking over to see the light go on in the car passing you and two perfectly grown up women acting like goofy kids. I can only imagine the stories he’s telling today.

Ah well… it was funny. So funny that I’m sore today from laughing so hard. So funny that when mom called right after it happened and Karen and I were still laughing, she wondered what the heck was going on and Don, who was with her and in the background, wondered what we’d been smoking. He could hear us laughing. My thought about that? We are, sadly or probably not so sadly, just like this naturally. It was so funny that now, writing about it, I’m laughing again. Picturing what I imagine to be “Kevin’s” expression.

Life is a series of large and small adventures. In the grand scheme of things, this was a small one. But for us, and for the imagined “Kevin”, it’s one that will last a long long time, providing, I’m sure, many chuckles and moments of head shaking. Especially from “Kevin” who is, I’m sure, saying to himself, “who were those two ladies who were acting like total kids.” To which I would sheepishly raise my hand and say… it was I. I’m the kid, the kid in a grown person’s body… a kid in disguise.

What Are Your Thoughts?

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