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Be In It



This last weekend, while Karen and I were driving over to the beach, we listened to the new Melissa Etheridge CD, The Awakening. In one word… inspiring.

We drove along, listening, and after each song we talked about it… the message, the depth, the musicality, her voice. I was inspired. This is a woman who has something to say, who knows who she is, and who gets what life is really about.

I started thinking about what that means… getting life. To me I guess it means seeing in. I picture it as either skipping rocks on the pond, or stepping into it and exploring. You’re either in it, or you’re looking. You either jump in gleefully with both feet, not always knowing what’s in there, but you do it anyway… or you stand on the shore, looking out… wondering and afraid. Believe me, stepping in isn’t always easy… but when you do, when you are afraid but go in anyway, you conquer fear.

As for me, I ‘d rather be in it. I’d rather be splashing around, sometimes making a mess, than not. Life is what we make it. What an enormous power, a tremendous responsibility, and how beautiful.

My answer to all of this, what it all means to me, is this… love deeply, speak your personal truth, look up at the moving clouds, hug the people you care for as often as possible, live honestly, listen to all types of music, walk barefoot outside in the rain, tell the people you love that you love them every chance you get, taste new foods, notice the light and the changing of the day, appreciate what you have, do things that scare you, see as much of the world as you can, talk to strangers, look people in the eye and smile when you do it, read a variety of books, don’t take yourself too seriously, laugh all the time, work in the dirt with your hands, don’t be afraid to cry, do things that are silly, make art, close your eyes and feel the sun on you, breathe deeply, dance, and see… see into life. Dip your toe, or better yet… dive. Be in it.

2 thoughts on “Be In It

  1. You have a great way with words. Some of us have a hard time putting into words what goes on with us , and how we see and live life,but you have the gift….keep it up sister….luv your friend

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