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Yum, Steak.

I just ate a steak. It was pretty damn tasty. Especially considering the fact that I haven’t had meat for 4 days. And believe me, this girl is a meat eater. I enjoy my beef, chicken, pork, and beef. But why have I been deprived, you ask yourself? Here’s the deal….

When we visited mom last weekend she had a soup recipe, with a diet attached to it. So we took both, and we ran with them. All week we’ve been eating this soup, accompanied by either fruits or vegetables. Except for the banana milk day. That day we could have no other fruits, no vegetables. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Initially, we loved the soup. The first day we were like, man.. this is going to be a piece of cake. If that had only been a literal statement, and I could actually have had a piece of cake, I’d have be very happy. Alas, it was not so. And in the beginning, I was OK with that. We both were. We ate our soup, we enjoyed our vegetables on the side, and all was right with the world. We were feeling good about embarking on this new and exciting journey. We were going to get healthier, leaner, fitter. This was the beginning.

Day two… we hated the soup. We were looking at it the evening of day two saying… oh geez… if I never eat this soup again I’ll be happy. Oh yum, isn’t this soup just delicious…. etc., etc. Sarcasm was high.

Day three… we could have both fruits and vegetables on the side with our soup. Our comments… oh joy… more soup. Aren’t these sides of vegetables tasty? And in fact, we only had vegetables for dinner. We couldn’t face another bowl of soup on day three, after enjoying one for lunch. The only thing good about day three was the asian pear I ate for breakfast that morning. We were looking forward to day four… banana and milk day. I’m not even a big fan of bananas, and I really wanted to eat them. Anything new, anything different, was going to be good. You’d think we were getting tortured having to just eat soup. The dangerous and dastardly soup torture. We are sad.

Day four… Yeah! Banana and milk day. I think we each ate four bananas over the course of the day. Karen might have had five. I didn’t partake after dinner, but I believe she did. And we drank milk. A lot of milk. In fact, I think we might have nearly finished off a gallon of milk on day four. What did we have for dinner… yep, you guessed it, soup…. by this time we were pureeing it. And because of that, it was a bit better. We both liked it a whole lot more all nice a pureed, and besides, we were living for day five. Steak and tomatoes day.

Today… Steak and tomatoes for lunch. Yum! I was so excited to get to eat meat, it was pitiful. I tell ya, nothing has tasted better than that steak and tomato I had for lunch. Lucky me… dinner will be the same. Steak and a tomato. Karen called me while she was enjoying hers. She said, when she called, oh man… this is so good… it would be better with ketchup, but it’s still really good… I laughed. We’ve been saying all along… this soup is OK, but would be really good with crackers, or cheese, or as an appetizer to a really nice plate of pasta. It’s really made us laugh.

In fact, I’m so laughing my butt off right now. Again, you’d think we were going through some extreme form of torture, but no… it’s just soup. It’s really become a matter of not giving up or giving in. We’ve been determined to successfully make it through, and I think we will. Only two more days to go. Woo Hoo. And what I’m really excited about? Yep, you guessed it… I get to have more soup tonight… with my steak and tomato of course. Yeah… soup. More soup… yeah! I’m trying to get up for it… can you tell?

One thought on “Yum, Steak.

  1. The famous Sacred Heart Diet…you want to know something funny? I was the one who first heard about that diet, from some stupid morning talk show, so I passed it on to my mom, who was wanting to get a jump start, back on track with her diet, who passed it to…everyone else in the Atwood family! In reality, I haven’t actually even tried the diet, although I keep saying, I should give that a try some day…it doesn’t sound half bad, although I’m sure as you are saying, “the soup” gets old pretty fast! 🙂 Hang in there…and let me know…in the end, is it worth it? Pounds do speak…perhaps Seth and I should give it a try one of these days…

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