Back In Lancaster

It’s Monday, September 17, and we are back in Lancaster. I’ve just done a massive update to my page here with pictures from our sojourn to Barcelona. I’ve not done a very good job in that they appear in reverse. If you want to view things in order, you have to scroll down to where they start and the scroll up.

Today we slept in, recovering from our nights out on the Spanish town, and have just sort of hung out here at Mary and Martin’s house. It’s been quiet and nice. A good way to spend one’s birthday.

Since I didn’t log onto this thing yesterday when we got back from Spain and it was Syd’s birthday, I’d like to say a very happy, though belated, birthday to you Syd. Hope you had a fantastic day! Much love to you.

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One thought on “Back In Lancaster

  1. Like the new look of the blog (and the compliments). Actually, I think I like the compliments best. Great having you chaps here, hope you come back soon.

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