A Blink

A blink
A moment
Can happen there
Worlds change
A world
My world
There is hope
Clinging to me
Feeling of peace
Of exactness
Like puzzle pieces
Fitting together
In place
The mystery of the world
Running through me
Electric current
Whatever happens next
Whatever change comes
There is a place for me
In it
In the moment
The blink
The mystery


Busy Never Stops

So it’s Tuesday and I’m just now updating everyone about our weekend…

Saturday…  We went to Mom and Don’s place for a potluck and family gathering.  It was great to see everyone.  It’d been too long since we’d seen some of them so it was really nice to hang out, chat, and be with them.  A total plus to the day was that Saturday afternoon we watched Oregon State play North Carolina for the men’s college world series championship.  And, HOORAY, Oregon State won!  Woo Hoo!  Go Beavs!  Back to back championships!  Who woulda thunk it…. right on fellas!

Sunday… LL came over for some get to know you time with Weston.  She’s going to be our puppy sitter while we’re away next week and she needed some time with the little guy, figuring out the ins and outs of dealing with and taking care of the little fella.  We think they’ll get along famously.

Now we’re just trying to get some things done around here before we jet off Saturday morning to places I can’t mention yet because Karen doesn’t know where I’m taking her for her, uh hum, 50th birthday.  Her only requirements were that she didn’t have a party and that we were alone somewhere together.  I think I’ve arranged something she’ll like.  I’ll write about it later, after we get there.  I’m pretty excited about the whole thing…

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VodPod in the Sidebar

Yes folks, once again I’ve added a little something new to by page.  In the sidebar, if you scroll down, you’ll see the VodPod.  It’s titled something like tokenhippygirl’s video collection.  There you’ll see five of the videos I’ve chosen.  There’s a link at the bottom of the section that will take you to all the videos in my collection.  Just so you know, I’m sticking with music videos right now and will be adding more as I go, so check back often.  The videos displayed on my blog will change randomly, cycling through all the videos in my collection.  Stay tuned because I’ll be adding Karl Blau, Laura Viers, and some other stuff I’m listening to lately.  If you want to hear a video that’s displayed, just click on it and enjoy!