Bon Voyage Captain Ted

After 35 years working in this field, Ted has decided it’s time to sail off into the sunset. He’s had a spectacular career, starting work in March of 1972 for Jackson County. While there he worked a variety of caseloads including intensive, intake and field supervision. Also with Jackson County, for a period of three years, Ted worked as a Circuit Court appointed Referee. In 1995, after deciding he needed a change, he moved up to this County. We were, and have been, very lucky to have him.

When I asked Ted what his favorite things about doing this work have been he said working with the kids, something he still likes, and the variety and freedom this job provides. About the kids he said he’s done this long enough that he’s had adults, who were once on his caseload, seek him out and let him know that what he’d done for them had made a difference in their lives. He told me, “they never forget us”.

One of the most stellar things about Ted, and something we’ll all miss very much, is how he always manages to put things in the proper perspective. I asked him what he was most proud of and his answer, like the man, was unpretentious and matter of fact, “I’m most proud of my climbing (he was a part of the 1984 Ama Dablam Expedition in Nepal), my sailing, and my two world class kids.” He’s a man who knows what’s really important in life, which has, in turn, made him so very good at doing the work we do.

We here at the Department are going miss Ted’s humor, his candor, his incredible knowledge and experience, his friendship, and that amazing perspective of his. We know, as he said, that he’s “earned the chance to play”, and we agree with him. But when he says, maybe for the last time, “I’m in this for the groupies”, we’ll have to let him know that even though he’s made the comment in jest, he actually does have a very strong fan base here in the County who are going to miss him very much.

Ted… good luck, and bon voyage. Though you will be missed, it will be great thinking of you in shorts and sandals, Cindy at your side, a Martini in one hand and the wheel in another, sailing that boat of yours down to Baja, off into the sunset.

2 thoughts on “Bon Voyage Captain Ted

  1. Tam, That was very nice. He will be missed and you’re right it is time for the martini and the wheel. He has well earned it. Nothing thrills me more than for kids that were on his case load that come and ask for Ted and shake his hand as a man of honor and they have made a great difference because of Ted’s influence. Ted will miss out on being the surrogate father he has had to play in many of these kids lives. Well, not miss out as much, the lives he has touched and changed for the most part. Nice story.

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