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A New Feature

Once again I’ve been tweaking this blog of mine. If you scroll down and look on the right you’ll see a section called First Lines. What you’ll find there are first lines from books. It should change often, hopefully. I’m going through another process of figuring things out so bear with me. Anyway… the first lines of books come from a site called Twitterlit. After reading the line, click on it and you’ll find yourself whisked off to Amazon where you will then discover the title of the book the first line came from. Check it out, but watch out, it’s addicting.

Also, I’m happy to say I’ve finally uploaded some photos to my flickr site.  So, if you scroll down on my page and look to the flickr photo section the photos now displayed there are mine, not just the generic (though lovely) photos provided by flickr.  Hopefully I can get some in there fairly often to keep it interesting.

Stay tuned…  I keep discovering new gizmos and gadgets now that I’m flopping at WordPress so you never know what kinds of things will spring up next.


Date Night Haiku

Friday is date night

Relaxation flowing

Will there be Whoppers?

…thank you…