Yep, that’s how you spell it, and that’s what I am.  Seems I’ve been sleepy for weeks.  Granted, we have very busy lives right now…  A puppy; Mary, Martin, and Wicket staying with us; house repairs; and work, work, work.  I wonder, is it just me?  Then I come to work, and everyone here is tired.  It’s a yawn fest, every day.  I swear I think we’re sucking the oxygen out of this part of the state.  Soon there will be documentaries on the effects our incessant yawning is having on the environment.  I’m sure we’re depleating something, somewhere. 

I keep thinking… I need to get more sleep, and yeah, that’s true.  I do.  But it feels bigger than that.  Maybe it’s the time of year… that transition from spring to summer.  Everything slowing down, mellowing out, yet still there are days when the storms roll in.  Too many negative ions in the space around us?  Could be.  Hmmmmm….

Whatever it is… I think a long nap followed by a really good nights sleep would do me some good, not to mention Karen, and many of my work mates who, strangely, seem to be suffering the same fate.  I think I’ll suggest nap time to the powers that be.  Yeah, nap time.  That would be great about now.  A nice long (YAWN) comfy nap….      

What Are Your Thoughts?

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