The Haps

zoo-brew-beer-chips.jpgBeer and Chips

zoo-brew-glasses.jpgTip Your Glasses

weston-at-the-beach.jpgWeston at Cannon Beach

Ok… here are some shots. The first two were taken at the Zoo Brew the weekend before last. It was a first annual event designed to expose ticket holders to new brew as well as provide the zoo with some much needed support. I can say that I did enjoy Fred, a particularly robust little number, in small doses. I’m convinced Fred cannont be enjoyed in large amounts. My favorite beer was from Kona Brewing of Hawaii. At least, I think it was Kona brewing. Maybe I had too many tastes to remember. Nah…. it was Kona. It was a nice beer. On top of the beer, the brat, and the company (nice to have Mary and Martin there, as well as a couple of our friends), we got to enjoy the always terrific sounds of a band called Sneakin’ Out. If you ever get a chance to see them, do. They are a little trio… guy on base, guy on mandolin, and guy on percussion, including a typewriter. They do some original stuff that’s good, but they are best known for their spectacular renditions of classic rock tunes. It’s pretty amazing.

On to this last weekend. Saturday we headed south to enjoy a fine 40th birthday dinner cooked by Mom and Don for Kev. We had some great food, and a great visit with not only Mom and Don, but with Kev and Lisa as well. It was a nice day.

Sunday…. we worked in the yard. Me with the weed eater and Karen with the back pack sprayer. We covered a lot of ground and got a lot done we’d been wanting to. Afterward we showered, of course, as I looked like a moving pile of brush, and then headed to PF Changs for a very nice dinner with Mary and Martin. Karen and I had never been there before, but Mary and Martin had, evidenced by the greeting from our waitress, who’d waited on them before. It was like we were family to her. I think she wants to adopt us. Dinner was great, but the best part was a comment Karen made. We were ordering, and I decided to have, for obvious reasons, Tam’s Noodles. It’s an actual item on their menu, so what could I do. The waitress thought this was hilarious, and after a witty exchange about it she moved on to Karen, who said, well… my name is Kung, so I have to have the Kung Pao Chicken. We all cracked up.

Monday… The four of us and the two dogs headed for the beach. Neither dog had been there before, so it was quite an experience for them. Weston chose to stay onshore after dipping his little self in as far as his knees and deciding it was too cold. We know it’s not that he’s afraid of water because the other day we took the dogs to a park along the Columbia River and at one point he just jumped in and swam. He only did it once, but he did it. So we know it wasn’t the water at the beach, it was the cold. Wicket, on the other hand, was a true sea dog. He got in the water more than once, and even body surfed one time. Well, he sort of body surfed. He was out there and a wave went over his head, he had to swim briefly… and did. I’m convinced he was looking for his merdog, but alas, he came back alone, other than having Martin on the other end of his leash that is.

So… we’ve been busy… as you can tell. Now… it’s time to head for DQ and an ice cream cone. It’s 80 plus out there and an ice cream cone sounds very tasty.

Oh, and… happy Birthday Aunt Joan. Hope you’re spending it doing something you love with the people you love most.

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