The Haps

zoo-brew-beer-chips.jpgBeer and Chips

zoo-brew-glasses.jpgTip Your Glasses

weston-at-the-beach.jpgWeston at Cannon Beach

Ok… here are some shots. The first two were taken at the Zoo Brew the weekend before last. It was a first annual event designed to expose ticket holders to new brew as well as provide the zoo with some much needed support. I can say that I did enjoy Fred, a particularly robust little number, in small doses. I’m convinced Fred cannont be enjoyed in large amounts. My favorite beer was from Kona Brewing of Hawaii. At least, I think it was Kona brewing. Maybe I had too many tastes to remember. Nah…. it was Kona. It was a nice beer. On top of the beer, the brat, and the company (nice to have Mary and Martin there, as well as a couple of our friends), we got to enjoy the always terrific sounds of a band called Sneakin’ Out. If you ever get a chance to see them, do. They are a little trio… guy on base, guy on mandolin, and guy on percussion, including a typewriter. They do some original stuff that’s good, but they are best known for their spectacular renditions of classic rock tunes. It’s pretty amazing.

On to this last weekend. Saturday we headed south to enjoy a fine 40th birthday dinner cooked by Mom and Don for Kev. We had some great food, and a great visit with not only Mom and Don, but with Kev and Lisa as well. It was a nice day.

Sunday…. we worked in the yard. Me with the weed eater and Karen with the back pack sprayer. We covered a lot of ground and got a lot done we’d been wanting to. Afterward we showered, of course, as I looked like a moving pile of brush, and then headed to PF Changs for a very nice dinner with Mary and Martin. Karen and I had never been there before, but Mary and Martin had, evidenced by the greeting from our waitress, who’d waited on them before. It was like we were family to her. I think she wants to adopt us. Dinner was great, but the best part was a comment Karen made. We were ordering, and I decided to have, for obvious reasons, Tam’s Noodles. It’s an actual item on their menu, so what could I do. The waitress thought this was hilarious, and after a witty exchange about it she moved on to Karen, who said, well… my name is Kung, so I have to have the Kung Pao Chicken. We all cracked up.

Monday… The four of us and the two dogs headed for the beach. Neither dog had been there before, so it was quite an experience for them. Weston chose to stay onshore after dipping his little self in as far as his knees and deciding it was too cold. We know it’s not that he’s afraid of water because the other day we took the dogs to a park along the Columbia River and at one point he just jumped in and swam. He only did it once, but he did it. So we know it wasn’t the water at the beach, it was the cold. Wicket, on the other hand, was a true sea dog. He got in the water more than once, and even body surfed one time. Well, he sort of body surfed. He was out there and a wave went over his head, he had to swim briefly… and did. I’m convinced he was looking for his merdog, but alas, he came back alone, other than having Martin on the other end of his leash that is.

So… we’ve been busy… as you can tell. Now… it’s time to head for DQ and an ice cream cone. It’s 80 plus out there and an ice cream cone sounds very tasty.

Oh, and… happy Birthday Aunt Joan. Hope you’re spending it doing something you love with the people you love most.


A Preview

We’ve been busy, again, as usual. There was a trip to the Zoo Brew, I have pictures, a trip down to Mom’s place for a birthday lunch/dinner for Kev this last Saturday in honor of the fact that my little brother turns 40 tomorrow… wow, a dinner at PF Changs, lots of weed eating action and spraying here at the house this last Sunday, and a trip over to Cannon Beach and then Cape Lookout State Park, near Tillamook. It’s been an eventful couple of weeks. And again… I have pictures. I will get those posted when I have a bit more time. Right now I’m at home, quickly eating a sandwich and drinking a root beer for lunch, before heading back to the office. I missed my lunch today as I had to work through it. I was driving back through town on my way to the office and thought, hey… I haven’t had lunch, I’m starving. Plus if I actually stopped by the house I’d be able to change out of the court clothes and into more comfy attire. I’m now wearing jeans and sandals and my sandwich and root beer is almost gone…. it’s, sadly, nearly time to head back to the ol’ work site.

So… Stay tuned for a slightly more detailed version of this email, which will include pictures and some descriptions of life as we’ve known it over the last week and a half. Until then….



It’s absolutely beautiful outside. What a lovely day. And right now, to top that off, it’s almost 5:00. Which means that it’s nearly time for me to high tail it outta here…. work that is. I’m excited about going home. I’ve tackled some of the piles on my desk this afternoon in a manner that can only be described as a flurry of action and activity. I feel good about it. Motivation has been hard to come by today, so the action and the getting things done was hard fought and well won.

Tonight I think I’ll enjoy a glass of red, hang with my sweetie and the pup, and let myself relax. After all, tomorrow is Friday… and then… Saturday. Ah……



Greetings, Salutations, and Welcome. Here we are, in the new digs. I managed to move everything over from the other site.

I’m liking the new space, and hope ya’all do as well. It’s been a bit different to operate, but I’m getting the hang of it. One thing I loved about moving into this space was the personalized header. Yes, those are our feet up there, taken at the Grand Canyon last September.

OK, so again… welcome. Look around, see what you can see, and let me know, through comments here on the blog, what you think. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.


Under Construction

I’m in the process of deciding if I should move my blog from blogger to wordpress so it might be a bit before this is actually fully up and running. So far, so good. We shall see.


Technical Difficulties

So… I’ve heard from several people now that over the last few days, since Friday actually, they haven’t been able to view my blog using Internet Explorer. I myself have an Apple ibook and have had no problem accessing my blog using Safari (the mac browser) or firefox. I’m trying to work out the IE problem and hopefully all of you who haven’t been able to view will once again be privvy to my posts. Patience.


Well Worth It

Whew… it’s Friday. All I have to say is, what a week it’s been. I can’t even say how happy I am to be sitting here, typing away, listening to the quiet of the evening and the sounds of the rain that just started falling.

We’ve had some troubles this week. Nothing interpersonal… we’ve had issues with our well and our septic tank. Both in the same week. And we have company. And Karen was gone during part of the time all this was going on. Bummer.

It actually started the end of last week, when we noticed the toilet running and then the septic tank alarm went off. Karen acted quickly, after checking in the tank access hatch, by turning off the power to the septic pump. She then called our plumber, a great guy we totally love, who came out and basically did a temporary fix on our septic tank (he had to replace a broken hose). Tim said he would come back Wednesday to do the permanent fix on both the septic tank and the toilet. It just so happens that the toilet and the septic were strangely unrelated issues. Who knew. Anyway… we spent a few days jiggling the handle every time we had to use the facilities and wondering if the septic alarm was going to go off again. In the grand scheme of things, no big deal. Then Karen left for Milwaukee on Mother’s Day, also a bummer. Everything went along fine, us jiggling the handle and going about our business until Tuesday evening, when I went to wash my hands and noticed there was only a trickle coming out of the faucet. I thought… hmmmm… that’s not right. So I moseyed over to where the pressure gauge is for our well tank and found that it read a big ol’ 0. Yep, no pressure, meaning… no water. So, I checked around the house… faucets, pipes, outside faucets, and found no drips. Bad sign. I decided at this point to turn the power off to the hot water tank and told the visiting kids to stop all laundry they were doing. We decided that since the plumber was going to show the following day, Wednesday, we would just see what happened with the pressure. I thought it was weird, but then again, we’d gotten the pressure down to 10 in the past by doing laundry, taking a shower, and watering the lawn simultaneously so I felt like maybe it would recover over night.

Alas, it was not meant to be. The next morning I got up expectantly and sauntered in to look at the gauge only to find that no, it was still at 0 and we only had drips coming out of our faucets. I decided it was bigger than the plumber so I called our well guy. He called back almost immediately and I thought… ah… we’re going to get this resolved quickly… and again, I was wrong. He came over, on his way to an emergency some where else, and checked things out. After running a couple of tests he gave me the bad news. Our well pump had gone out and he wasn’t going to be able to get to it until the next day, Thursday. He said to turn off the power to the pump and not to use any water. I did, but was not thrilled with it. When the kids got up I gave them the bad news. No water. The first response is always the same, how do we flush. To which I said… we have the hot tub and it has gallons of water (I’m a bit experienced with what to do when the power goes out to a well as my mom’s place, the place of my youth, has a well and we had many a time after a storm… uh, did I just say many a time? bah ha ha ha! Anyway… as I said, we had many a time when the power went out after a storm and we had to make do.). I found a plastic garbage can and a small ice chest, filled them up with water from the hot tub, found a couple of plastic pitchers and we were in business. It’s a simple matter of pouring water in the bowl after you go. It works, and you’ll find this a useful tip should you ever be in the same boat.

Later that morning the plumber came over to fix the toilet, which kept running, on top of us having to pour water into it. A tricky situation to be sure. He did indeed fix the toilet, having to pour water into the bowl to test his work. It worked. He then went out to do the permanent fix on the septic tank and afterward he went on his way.

Fast foward to Wednesday afternoon… the well guy and his apprentice show up in a big truck with a crane to pull the old well pump and 500 feet of pipe up so it would be all ready for replacement Thursday morning. An hour and a half later the job was done. There laying across two 4×4’s was a lot of pipe, some of it not looking so good, and an old pump. You see, our pump and all that pipe, not to mention the wiring, was all 30 years old. Unheard of, as we were told by our well guy. Usually, he said, they only last, at most 15 years. We got twice the life out of ours. Or at least the last three years of twice the life out of ours. Lucky. I was alone with the dogs, Weston and the vising Wicket, most of the day as the kids, who’d spent a couple of days hanging around the house of the unclean, decided they needed to get out. So, after the well guy’s apprentice left, and I knew the kids weren’t going to be back for a few hours, I took a dip in the hot tub. Man, did that thing come in handy or what? I hadn’t had a shower since Monday morning and by Wednesday evening I was feeling a bit sticky. The dip was just what I needed. The dishes were piling up as well, so after my dip I piled them in the sink, got a waste basket full of water, again from the hot tub, and dumped it on the lot of them. At least they were rinsed.

That night Mary and Martin returned from a nice dinner with a friend and I left them here to watch the pups while I headed to the airport to pick up Karen who’s flight came in at 11:15. It had been a long day, already, but it was so worth it to get her home. I always miss her terribly, but after the events of the previous two days, I really missed her. I needed a big big hug only Karen could give me. She did. And I felt better.

Thursday… the well guy’s apprentice shows up with our new equipment and a couple of hours later he has us up and running. New well pump, a lot of new pipe, and 500 feet of new wire. Not to mention a couple other things necessary for proper well pump operation. Karen called me immediately and we were both thrilled. As were Mary and Martin, who immediately jumped in the shower.

You’d think the story would end here, but sadly, it doesn’t. As Mary and Martin showered, Karen took the pups for a walk out in the yard. She wandered around with them for a bit and then she approached our septic cover… as she got closer she started to smell what can only be described as… well… crap. Or maybe I should say, to be less direct, the strong odor of sewage. She immediatley jumped into action, removing the cover to the septic tank, and found that brown water (I won’t get more descriptive than that) was spraying into the tank from a coupling that was no longer coupled. It had been connected to the new hose installed just the day before by our plumber. It was no longer connected… it was broken, and spraying. Karen again sped into action by rushing into the house and turning off the power to the septic pump. Luckily she caught it early. If she hadn’t I can’t even get into what a load of doo doo we would’ve been in… literally. After shutting off the power she called Tim. He felt terrible and was beside himself. His normal practice would’ve been to test the connection, however since our water was off when he installed it, he wasn’t able to do the test. He told Karen he’d make it out the next day… today.

So… here we are… today. He showed up and made the repairs, plus some. Our well isn’t the only thing that was old around here. Our septic tank is also old. Not 30 years old, as it was the second tank the previous owner put in, but I believe it’s still 15 or so years old. That’s a long time for parts to last. They did, so again I’ll say… lucky. Tim not only replaced the coupling, but most of the other piping and all of the other hoses and fittings. He didn’t want to charge us, but we paid him anyway. He is such a good guy.

And now, here I am, typing away, all things are working, Karen just said dinner was ready (we’re having tacos and some sliced baked potatoes… yum!), the kids are in town having dinner with a friend, and all is quiet. I think we’ll throw in a movie, enjoy our food, and get in some cuddling time. Perhaps I’ll have a glass of water, or have to use the toilet, and as I do I’ll think to myself… ah, it’s been a rough few days, but here I am, able to use all of our facilities. It’s been a pain, but we managed, and really at the same time it’s all been well worth the trouble. I mean, hey, at least we know we’re probably good for 10 to 15 years. There’s comfort in that.


Changes and Additions

There are a couple new features on the Think Tank…. If you scroll down a bit and look on the right you’ll see a new section called Reels. Basically it’s a feed from I choose the content, which will change every so often. Right now I have videos of three different musical artists cycling through in groups of four (that’s just how it works)…. they are Michael Tolcher, Brett Dennen, and Antigone Rising. I don’t have it all figured out yet, but think that they cycle through either when the page loads each time, or daily. Not sure which…. If you click on one of them it will pop up full size at the top of my blog over the first post and start playing. Most are music videos. It’s kind of a cool feature. Also, in another section I have links to a couple of blog cataloging sites… one is called, funny enough, the Blog Catalog, and the other is called Technorati. If you’re into reading blogs, both of these sites are great places to search and find blogs on pretty much any topic. They are both fun places to look around. It’s amazing how many people are blogging.


Missing My Sweetie

Written Tuesday, May 15

Well… I was sitting here trying to think of something witty to write about, but all I can think is how much I’m missing Karen today. She left on Sunday (business trip) for Milwaukee (where the company’s headquarters are) and isn’t coming back until later tomorrow night. I’ve now been without her over 48 hours, and I don’t like it much. I never do. So I guess this is me whining about how much I miss her.

It’s wonderful when a person finds “the one”. We always know when it happens.  And for me it happened four years, one month, and 6 days ago.  And what’s more, it happens over and over again… every time I come home from work to find her there, every time she comes back from a business trip, every time we have to be apart at all and then, finally, get to see each other. I could be around her every day, all day long, and never feel like I needed a break…. it’s just that good.

100 Things

100 Things That Make Me Happy

001. Watching How Karen Eats a Meal
002. Cuddling with Weston
003. Honey Soap from Lush
004. Finding New Music to Love
005. A Cup of Decaf Kiwi Pear Tea in the Evening
006. Waking Up Without an Alarm
007. Reading Amazing Writing of Any Kind
008. Rain When the Sun is Out
009. Knowing My Family is Happy
010. Writing – Anything
011. The Cool Wind in My Face on a Hot Day
012. Looking at Fantastic Art
013. Falling Asleep Holding Karen’s Hand
014. The Quiet of Our House
015. Being Able to Wear Big Boy Shorts, Flip Flops, and an Old
Funky T-Shirt
016. Great Cinematography, Direction, and Writing in a Film
017. Exploring a New Place
018. Taking Pictures
019. Playing the Guitar
020. Completing a Hard Crossword Puzzle
021. Going to the Opera
022. Finding a Sand dollar
023. A Nice Glass of Red Wine
024. Gerbera Daisies
025. Watching Weston Sleep
026. A Movie with Stellar Dialogue
027. Laughing until I Cry
028. Wearing Worn Pajama Pants
029. Listening to the Indigo Girls Sing
030. Adding New Music to my Ipod
031. Tweaking My Blog
032. Hanging Out With My Mom
033. Getting a Letter in The Mail
034. Sunrise
035. Sunset
036. Sending Postcards
037. How Music Sounds Through Bose Headphones
038. Saying the Word Pickle
039. Working On Our House
040. Winning at Hearts
041. Playing Scrabble with Family and/or Friends
042. Chocolate Milk
043. The Sound of a Hard Rain
044. Getting My Feet Tickled
045. When Karen Laughs
046. Hot Fudge Sundaes
047. Finding Funky Bookends
048. Leaving To Travel Somewhere New
049. Coming Home After a Trip
050. Picking Karen up at the Airport
051. A Comfortable Cozy Chair
052. The Sound of Windchimes
053. Snuggling
054. Looking at Weston’s Toys Laying All Over
055. Dinner with Friends
056. Lots of Color
057. Seeing a Play
058. Great Conversation
059. Being Heard
060. The Trees Moving in the Wind
061. Swimming in a River
062. Birds Eating From Our Bird Feeders
063. Building Our Japanese Garden
064. The Stained Glass in our Lamps
065. Getting an Unexpected Present
066. The Ease I Feel Around Linda
067. Stacia’s Wit and Heart
068. Ted’s Dry Sense of Humor
069. The Way Karen Knows Me So Well
070. Sandy’s Passion For Life
071. Kev’s Loyalty (and hugs)
072. The Fact That Don Has Made My Mom So Happy
073. Lisa Lynn’s Earnestness
074. Genine’s Depth of Soul
075. Mary’s Sense of Truth
076. Khris’ Mind
077. Martin’s Accent (and the way he looks at Mary)
078. The Fact That I Have Such Wonderful Friends
079. Playing Croquette
080. Changing of the Leaves in Fall
081. Office Supplies
082. Spontaneous Dancing
083. Drinking Root Beer
084. Giving Presents
085. Beach Combing
086. The Freedom of Riding My Bike
087. Caramel Apples
088. Silly Rhyming Games
089. Puppets
090. Birkenstocks
091. Eating an Ice Cream Cone
092. Road Trips
093. Road Food
094. Being Out in Nature
095. Bologna Sandwiches
096. Playing Chess
097. Coloring
098. Sitting Looking at the Ocean
099. Riding Rollercoasters
100. Karen, Karen, and yes… Karen


Paying Attention

I was watching the Today show yesterday morning and one of the first news bits I heard after tuning in was a brief story about Paris Hilton’s latest debacle and her upcoming jail time. Apparently she’s appealing the decision that’s sending her to the clink. A couple of things mentioned, unabashedly, by the young celeb included comments about how she has people to read her mail, as if she couldn’t be bothered to pick up her own letter opener, and how she felt the sentence was cruel and unusual punishment. She also allegedly started an online campaign to encourage the Governor of California to pardon her. Watching, I laughed, and waited for the people on Today to move on to something with a little more substance.

Later, driving to work, I heard a little tidbit of info about how there are now photos of Lindsay Lohan on the internet showing the little starlet snorting cocaine in a bathroom somewhere. Seems her “friend”, who was with her at the time, decided to snap some pics and share them with the rest of the world. Probably, of course, for a price. Great friend.

Then I got to work and I started thinking… what’s up with these girls? Which lead to my questioning of these kid’s parents. Who are they? And then finally, what’s up with us for even spending time talking about, taking pictures of, reading about, or watching stories on them? What’s our problem? Why are we so interested? Because really, it’s our interest and continued consumption of the information about them that keeps stories like these alive and well.

We spend so much time on stuff like this, people like them. And… who are they, really. Kids with loads of money, not completely grown up, who are privileged, yet sort of sad. They lead lives we can’t really imagine, yet we are fascinated. When something sad or embarrassing or unfortunate happens in a celebrity’s life, the tabloid media, and sometimes the supposed legitimate media, pounces all over it. And we jump right in, avidly soaking it all up. We stay tuned, buy magazines, listen to the radio, never turning it off, or putting it aside. It seems to grab us, takes hold, and becomes a massive wave breaking over us again and again, from all angles, all sources of mass media. A wave we want to jump and play in for days and days. Why?

So OK… I believe there’s a threefold answer to the question of why we have a constant zombie-like attraction to stories like these. On one hand, their lives are so different from ours and because of that we get sucked into hearing about them, which really is something akin to watching an educational documentary. We are shocked that something so different and strange exists, and we want to know how it works. On the other hand, our lives, by comparison, seem somehow normal, mellow, and unfettered by the chaos that seems to follow some of these famous people around. And because of that, we feel good about ourselves, and say things like… oh, that’s what happens when a person has a lot of money, they get out of control. Good thing that’s not me. Or, gee, that’s what happens when someone has so much privilege… whew… I’m so lucky not to be in their position. Or possibly… if I had their money, I would do something good with it. I wouldn’t throw it around, take it for granted, or ruin myself with it. But really… would we? Lastly I think maybe it’s because they are us… exposed. Normal people, meaning us non-celebrities, have strange and tragic things happen in our lives all the time, we’re just not famous, so no one cares. So maybe when we see terrible things happen to them, we feel somehow closer to them, we feel a sort of strange kinship. Like… see, these kinds of things happen in everyone’s lives, even theirs.

Then I had an interesting thought… this kind of media, which is growing and expanding every day, is changing us… and honestly… is that a good thing? I don’t think so. I think our world view, the way we think about ourselves as a society, what we find acceptable and tolerable is expanding right along with the fast paced information spewing world. I think our tolerance level is going way up, like the tolerance levels of long time substance abusers. Things we found unacceptable a few years ago are now more normal to us. And the raised tolerance and all that we are taking in is influencing and informing how we live our lives. It’s pushing the limits, speeding up the pace, contributing to a culture that’s losing it’s depth in favor of a quick fix and a glossy finish. So… what can we do…

The thing is… People are people… and that’s the way it will always be. We should probably be slowing things down, and ignoring ersatz stories like the ones I heard earlier. But sadly, we’ll probably always have an appetite for voyeurism of the strange, the unusual. It distracts us. We as a society will probably always want to know every detail about a celebrity’s stumble or fall. People who are famous will always fascinate us. We’ve become our own zoo.

So… the crux for me? What’s all of this pondering boil down to for this girl? I’ll tell you… Just for a second, imagine what would happen if we stopped watching, buying, looking, and wanting to know about all the fluff. Just think what would happen if we spent all that time and energy on say… really helping the people in Louisiana who still haven’t recovered from the ravages of Katrina or the people in this country and around the world who are in need, suffering, poor, without health care, dying… what could happen? What would happen? Maybe… just maybe… we’d stop watching, get up, and do something… participate in something meaningful. And people like Paris and Lindsay, who no doubt would still be crashing cars and snorting coke, would fade into distant memory, living their lives and getting no attention at all. And maybe, just maybe, we could change the world, instead of having the world change us… now that, that would be something worthy of our attention.

Photos · Weston

Painting Day

Helping Clean Up After Painting

Supervising Clean up



We painted our office today. Can we say we love the color? We can. We also brought out our chaise lounge, our mosiac tables, and our porch swing. Summer is almost here and we’re gettin’ ready for it!

Photos · Weston


I’m Ready To Go To The Game

The Fray

Up For Grabs

We had a great day yesterday. Busy, but great. We got up, had some tea, and got right to our respective jobs. Karen sprayed cleaner on the back deck and rinsed it off (not as easy as it sounds) and I took everything off the walls in the office, took the screws out, and boxed or bagged up all the little things that were sitting around (we’re going to paint the room today). After that we got ourselves ready and headed first to Subway for a sandwich, then to the Coffee Bar for a chai, and finally in to Delta Park where we watched the Operators play their regional championship against the visiting Washington team. Sadly, they lost, but they played well and they had a great season! We can’t wait until next year!

After Rugby we went to do a little grocery shopping… or should I say Karen went in to shop while I hung out in the car with the boy. She was speedy and he had a good time trying to peer out the window of the car. He’s not quite tall enough to really see anything, but he can get himself up there and at least see up.

Then, after shopping, we ventured over to a friend’s place to hang, have a beer, eat some pate and brie, and enjoy some good conversation. It was a small going away shindig for a friend of our friend. I’m sad we didn’t get to spend more time with her while she was here. We like her very much. So Jen… good luck on your new adventure and let us know what’s going on in your life from time to time. It was great getting to know you a little bit.

Now… today… we paint. So, it’s time to get some breakfast and then start taping. We already have our painting clothes on and Weston just went down for a nap. Now’s our chance!



Here I am, sitting in my office, on this overcast Thursday morning. Out my window I can see a few guys out on the dock fishing, though none have caught a fish as far as I can tell. It’s quiet around here. The forecasters have said we could have weather like yesterday when it hailed and blew and rained like crazy. For a while the parking lot looked as if it snowed, but it didn’t last very long. I had to take the car through the car wash to get all the leaf parts off of it, there were a lot of them. I guess maybe I shouldn’t have gotten it washed yesterday if there’s a possibility it could do the same thing today. Oh well, if it does, I know where the car wash is. I haven’t had too many calls today so far, which is kind of nice. Lately I’ve had a few.

I just got back from lunch. Had a southwestern chicken wrap (which had mango, red pepper, lettuce, chicken, and cream cheese) and an Italian soda (raspberry, no cream, no whipped cream… just give me the raspberry). It was tasty, and now I’m really full and sort of sleepy.

Karen took Weston to her office today. She had to go in for just a little bit so she took him in, inside his little travel backpack, with toys, food, treats, and a water dish in hand. She said he did really well, and loved running all around inside the center. Her staff really loved him, but then again, who wouldn’t, he’s a cutie.

Tonight we’ll probably do our usual thing… have some dinner (some very tasty left over phad thai Karen made last night), watch some tv or a movie, maybe we’ll sit in the hot tub (which Karen just cleaned out), and I’m sure we’ll probably play a lot with the little fella. Our lives seem to be all about him right now. It goes like this… did he eat, did he drink, did he poop, what toy does he have, did he pee, did he play, does he want a treat, what’s he doing, is he nipping, and how’s he doing. And I guess that’s how it should be. He’s just a little guy and he needs our help and our attention. He gets both in spades.It’s 2:43 and it’s hailing outside like crazy. Not quite as wild as it was yesterday, but it’s still pretty dark, pretty white, and very stormy out there.

It’s 4:32 in the afternoon now… it’s taken me all day just to write this. I got a bit busy. I am at work, so I guess that tends to happen… working at work. Another half and hour and I get to go home to my little family. What a great way to end the day.


To Lose or Not Lose, That Is The Question

I was chatting with a friend (we’ll call her Stacia) yesterday and she brought up a great topic of conversation, which was this… when does a person concede that they’ve actually lost something. When do we mentally go from saying something is just misplaced to saying that we’ve lost it for good.
We talked about this for awhile, giving each other personal examples of “misplaced” or “lost” item scenarios and then we came to what we realized was the crux of the whole thing. We determined that it really came down to the fact that a persons positon on this was a good indicator of personality. And, I’ll tell you why… because neither of us are the type of people, with the type of personality, who are willing to actually concede something is gone for good. It’s not in us. We both are the type of people who feel that if we’ve misplaced something it’s just that, misplaced. We always know the item is there… somewhere. And when we’re looking later, it’s not lost, we just can’t find it. It’s how we’re made.

The talk went on for a time, us agreeing with each other, and then Stan came in. So… we asked him if he ever admitted to himself that he’d actually lost something. And he said yes, he does admit that to himself. He said his determining factor was whether or not he actually had to replace the missing item. If he had to replace it, it became lost. If he was still in the process of looking for something then it was just misplaced. Neither of us agreed with him.
Stan went on to try and support his position, but Stacia and I still couldn’t agree with him and I gave two examples to support what I was trying to convey. The first was the time I was fishing with some friends and the fly reel on my fishing pole got dropped, accidentally, into the river. It slipped between two rocks in the rushing water and we were unable to recover it. Even though we couldn’t recover it, I would still say it’s not lost. I knew exactly where it was, and probably still is… it’s in the river, between those two rocks. If I went there today, I’d bet it’s still there. Therefore it’s not lost, whose actual meaning is, “ no longer to be found “. I can find it, I know where it is, I just can’t retrieve it. The other example I used was the time I left a pair of sunglasses in the women’s restroom at Disneyland. Almost immediately I realized what I’d done and I went back in to get them and, you guessed it, they were gone. I don’t view them as lost, I view them as stolen. They were taken from me. In my mind, it’s a different thing entirely.
Stan, who was listening to my examples, and a few that Stacia brought up, conceded that theft was not losing something, it was theft. However, he said that he would consider my reel lost because he’d have to go out and buy a new one. To which I replied that even though I had to go get a new one, I knew where the old one was, and so, you guessed it… not lost.
All of this dialogue sort of proves the point Stacia and I came to, which is that it’s a matter of personality. Are you a person who lets stuff go, in a way sort of conceding defeat, or are you a person who never gives up, believing at some point an item will, eventually, will turn up.
Ultimately I guess what this all means is that, given my penchant for refusing to lose, I’m carrying all this possibility around inside… the possibility of finding something I once had, but have misplaced. There’s hope in that, along with some stubbornness, or maybe just some sort of ridiculous folly. But, that’s me. And, apparently, that’s Stacia. Both stubborn, both unwilling to concede, both sure that somewhere, out there, are all the things we can’t find, but still have. All the things that are, mysteriously, tucked and hidden away. All the things we haven’t lost.