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I was just reading through the last couple of posts, and I can’t help myself… I edit… Constantly… In my head. I can’t just read something I posted, enjoying the content, or the pictures, or whatever. I have to critique it, pick at it, tweak it. Always. I tell myself this is good, you know… self editing. But then I think, man… this is NOT rocket science, let it be. Alas, I can’t… I must edit… I must correct it. I think I’m in the wrong line of work. Maybe I should’ve been a school teacher. Then I could’ve had something to correct ALL THE TIME. I could’ve made students write papers just so I could edit them…. how wonderful, a world with constant grammatical correction. Lovely… Now I’m laughing…. which is good. I need to lighten up. Give myself a break…. knowing, however, that when I get home tonight I’ll probably be into the ol’ blog again… “fixing” the little inconsistencies and sections of not so stellar writing I caught just now during my latest read through. I guess I just have to be me… and me says… edit. So, I will.

Just now, reading through this one more time before posting, I was at it again.

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