Possible Severe Weather

Possible Severe Weather
Orlando, FL

Orlando, FL

Well… Today, like yesterday, I’ve been mostly quietly hanging in our room. Reading, writing, watching movies on TV. I’ve been out and about to get Chai tea and a bit of food. And I’ve been watching the weather. It’s warm here, as we expected, but the weather today is a bit unstable. When you live in Oregon, you’re used to the rain. In fact, rain is just a part of life. We hear all the time, during weather reports, that it will rain, and sometimes rain a lot. But we never hear the phrase, “severe weather”. It’s just not something we get. Sure… we have earthquake potential in Portland, tsunami potential along the beach, and the threat of volcanic eruption nearby, but we still never hear about severe weather. So here… after arriving only two days ago, I hear the words severe weather. I hear things about staying indoors and away from windows to avoid the lightening. I hear things like rotation location (which, for those of you who don’t know, means tornado watch). I’m not used to it. And frankly, it scared me a bit. But then… nothing happened. Well…. there thunder, a bit of lightening, and loads of rain. But that was all. And all of that, I’ve seen before. I wonder if the news casters realize that just the words severe weather cause fear to rise in those of us unaccustomed to such things. I wonder. I guess if I lived here, I’d be used to it. Maybe.

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