SARAFINA! Again…. !!!

I saw that movie quite a long time ago, somewhere in the early to mid 90’s, coming away from it with a sense of hope and freedom. Later I took those feelings with me, incorporating them into the language of my every day life. When I feel as though I need to break free of something or that I have already broken free I say to myself, and to a few friends who know about my little quirk, loudly and with feeling, “SARAFINA!”. It’s an indicator that something special either needs to happen or already has.

This last week something special did happen and I used the word with total feeling. I am, finally, after 10 long years, free from the financial “cloud” that’s been lingering over my head. It’s been a long haul and I’ve learned much over this time. Not the least of which has been humility and a healthy respect for what money can and can’t do for a person. I am free, and I’m rejoicing in the face of it. Wallowing in the feel of it. I will look to the sky and I will shout, once again with feeling, “SARAFINA!”.